The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 17


“’Erm, how about office work, i can help you –“
“’Do not intend to play smart. You are lucky i am down here even talking to you, i would allow my guards drill you how they want and get the money from you and then i’ll let you sleep in jail. These are your options and because we would make sure you don’t intend to run..when you leave here, i would politely ask that you put down your information for us… you will pay me young man, this is a a lesson for whoever that is in this place trying to ruin my business.
Whoever you are we don’t care, you can’t pay, stay clear from my doors…what do you choose young man because as of this moment…you will begin’’
I can’t clean toilets.. no . God forbid!.
I don’t even know how to wash plates..
How do i serve this people here. …hay God!!
Maybe i should choose to be a bodyguard…but everyone who comes into this Metro park would see me, what if someone recognises me outside, what do i do?..
No !!
Should i choose to waiter?..

Maybe i should ..
Male Stripper… ?
“”i don’t have all the patience in the world for your slow thought process young man“”
“”but ma’ám is there nothing else i can do?”’
‘’Gesto, i think he needs abit of reset, he probably thinks the reason why he hasn’t been beaten to the pulp yet is because he has a pretty face“’
Brian turns to see Gesto, before he could says anything Gesto’s hands folding into a fist and heads for his face
“’Waiter!!!! Waiter please ..!!’’ he covers his face with both hand and shouts…””I will waiter for you””
“’’You need to accelerate your payment “” the lady says telling Gesto to stand down
“’erm…’’ No not toilets ..
“’Striptease, stripper!!!!’’ the ladies chants
“’i believe the ladies have picked”’ the manager says..
“’but but…but “”
“’Give him a bow tie Gesto, and vicky, take him to the back and give him a white shirt to wear, a tray and drinks and a note pocket book and a pen… idleness won’t pay my bill s… and throw his cloths into a lylon bag till when his shift is over..””
With that she turns and walks away

Gesto turns to Brian who is asking God a thousand ‘’whys?”’ .
“’You are lucky madam came down today to safe you, if not me and my guys would have used you to do suya this night, you know suya abi? Ehen, just thank your stars. But just so you know…i will be the one keeping tabs on you, Vicky bring that pen and paper here make this fool right down him full name, address all information about him so incase him go house after no come back say him won run, we go show there with cutlass, and cut him into pieces sell him meat give mallam infront of our gate make him use am do suya, some people eat human meat””
His colleagues laugh
Vicky, the waitress comes to them and hands Brian the paper and pen…
“’Write fool” Telema, Gesto’s second says
Brian puts down his full name, his phone number and where he lives ..
“’You no dey work? I talk am say na yahoo boy“’
“”I am not a yahoo boy,i work”
“’Na you no get money? All this broke ass niggas, where you get those expensive cloths from, talk””
“”I work, i just started working and i haven’t been paid yet””
“”Oloshi!! Put the address and name down too so incase you won dey smart, we fit show there too and don’t think we are stupid, na morning we go show to make sure you go come for night….”’ Gesto and Telema laugh
Brian was done and hands them the paper, goes back to covering his bulge..
“”Oya, follow vicky go back make them give you shirt, if you like break the glass or spill drink, your money go increase”’ they push him as the crowd suddenly simmers back into themselves.. the music comes back on and the party continues..
Vicky hands him a work shirt and a bow-tie
“’Can i atleast wear my trousers, i feel naked”’
Vicky eyes him “’ Madam said you will serve like that yet she even changed her mind and said you should wear shirt and you are asking for trouser?

No be your mate be bobrisky dey walker with pant up and down abi Denrele? Guy relax oh. Come let us go to the bar so i introduce you to the bartender then you go take orders and ..i will show you the kitchen window where you will drop your food orders too”’
“’’but how long will today own be for, it’s already late , atleast the next three hours right you will close?”’
Vicky laughs “’No,today it’s till dawn”’

“’Fxxk me!!’’ Brian exclaims
“’Excuse me’’ Vicky felt offended, “’see i be warri girl oh, i go jam your blockus with my heel you dey mad?”
“’Hey hey relax, i didn’t mean it that way it was just an exclamation, no offence please, i am already in deep shit i don’t want to get deeper into the hole before people start getting the wrong idea that i am a pervert, please””
“”exclamation gini, mind yourself oh, i don’t follow broke ass niggas. Come follow me”’
Brian does so feeling more naked than before , he was introduced to the bar and kitchen and a tray of drinks was given to him to serve his first order.

While he went he kept telling himself,

Father is going to call, Ikena is going to come and safe him. My parents won’t leave me to suffer like this no.
By the time three hours has past, he had been shouted on, slapped in the face for wrong order and had drinks spilled on him and had Gesto lift him off the ground and threatened to slam him if he breaks another glass or throw food on the floor when he slipped..
He knew he was in hell and daddy wasn’t coming to safe him
“’I am sorry, please “he begged Gesto
“”One more time…just one more than”’ Gesto warns him
Brian nods, as Gesto drops him down..he straightens his shirt and bends to clear the mess..
He goes back to get a reorder and comes back to his guest.., “’sir, i am so sorry, here is your order”” Brain says placing the glass of beer infront of the man who was backing him
“”Thank you”’ Ikena says turning

Brian sees him and freezes “’You asshole, you asshole, get me out of here, you frigging asshole. Did father send you, please tell me he did, i can’t do this, i can’t, i was calling you ,what the hell happened to your phone? father wouldn’t answer, tell me he sent you please so i can get out of here…look at me”’ he says leaning close to Ikena and grabbing his hands “’Deal with this Ikena, Now!! “’
Ikena peels Brian’s hands away from his and crosses his legs then grabs his beer to his lips “’i am here as a normal guest Sir , and my order is to do nothing. In here, i don’t know you sir, in here, you are not my boss’s son, not my boss either.“’
“’Ikena , i will-‘’ he grabs Ikena’’s hands again
“”Is there a problem sir? Sir, is the waiter bothering you?’’ Gesto appears

Brian lets go…”’he isn’t a sir, he is my bodygua-“’
“”oh no problem , the young man is just leaving”’ Ikena says smiling and taking a sip
Brian’s eyes turns to slits “’Ikena!! Ikena!!’’ he breaths through close lips
“’move along waiter”’ Gesto nudges Brian,
‘’I am not done, i was helping to-”’

“’Move !!”’ Getso nudges Brian again

He risks a look at Ikena ,
Fool fix this, tell me you re here to fix this? But Ikena just smiles and raises up his beer to his lips “’Thank you waiter’’

Brian shakes his head and leaves ..
Damnit Father !!! Damn you!!
I got home and didn’t have much sleep, spent half of the night going through the company’s charts to see how many more people we have lost and how many we were able to get back.
Atleast, the media team was able to salvage the situation, most of the things have been pulled down from the internet and my conference was aired during the day..
We called it an accidence of hacking, and that we have rectified the situation and it wasn’t any of our staffs in the company who had done it. I spoke to Mr Emeka not so long ago before i got home, he sounded positive
“’Do you think, that this might affect my working relationship with the company, would i be fired by the boss once this mess is cleared up?’’ i wanted to know where i stood.

Tina, my former PA had called me from lagos when she saw the news, she said people were talking , that it could cause me not able to get another job…no one wants an employee with that over her head.
I hope with the media, that all would go away, i wouldn’t want that on my Cv. It was a killer.

All because of that devil in clothing , Brian Andrews. I am yet to find a perfect payback.
“’Mr Jonathan just wants you to do your job and if he were going to fire you he would have done so already, i spoke to him not so long ago, he says to tell you the charts are looking good but there are more work to be done.

So just do it”’
“’Ánd the PA? sir you do realise that if we continue to work together he would try do so something else again, he is a like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, isn’t there anyway to get him away from me atleast, put in another department, please for my peace of mind and the company’s. We don’t like each other, it’s a disaster.

Please, isn’t there? i am begging you, John is more than capable to handle his duties, anyone but him”’
“’Miss Adora, we have discussed that already, it is out of my hands. But i would be pleased to inform you that i have a feeling that he would behave from now on””
“’How? How sure are you, from what i hear he doesn’t care about authority, who is he exactly, some sponsor kid?”’
Mr Emeka laughs “” i know. Don’t worry about all that Miss Adora, as the boss would say ‘’whoever is working beneath you should be made to do their jobs, you are his boss so be it. Have a good night, see you tomorrow””
“’You too sir”’
That was all he had said.
Well, i didn’t want to see that Brian, i would avoid him until i know what to do with him. I need to clean up this mess , first, then Brian would be priority, he isn’t going
Not with what he did, no way.

I take a shower, climbed my bed and continued to work on the computer and taking notes before i slept off.
It is 4am when Brian is let to go home, staggering out the door with sleep in his eyes, his joints hurting ..he yawns

“’only one night see as him dey, but if him carry woman go him house now him for bang till day break oh. All this men wei their blood na water, guy stand well jor, we wei dey do this thing week in week out, i don’t even know what sleep is again sef…ordinary waiter work you won die, you lazy mofo”’ Gesto pushes him, he falls to the ground and then manages to get up. He was bone tied, a kid could beat him up and he wouldn’t be able to lift a finger
‘’My cloths?”’ Brian asks
“’No, you go home with that, take a picture with it too. Make sure you wash that shirt, iron it and let it shine bright and be here 8am sharp’’
“’i can’t go home like this,””Brian says standing up
“’Well, too bad”’
“’Can i atleast have my phone?’’
“’How am i supposed to make calls and all that?”’
“’you get to get your things back when you are done paying, madam’s order. But here is a Nokia touch light phone, your iphone would be in my custody, while you take my phone, i already took the liberty to put your sim here, i just need you to unlock the phone for me”
“”I can’t do that, there are important information in there and it’s personal. No i wont!’’
“”Do you want me to break your face?”’
“’Go ahead, but that is my privacy, you have no right, let me have a word with your madam then”
Gesto looks at him, Telema nudges him “’Dude, madam won’t allow you too so free am.”’

“’Fine, but you not taking your phone, from now, that touch light is yours till your work is done and your bills are paid, now get the hell out of my face and believe that we got eyes on you, be here 8pm sharp or else”’ Gesto says

Brian seeing that there is no use talking to him, dusts himself and begins to walk out the Metro park gate, it was deserted and last of the guests left thirty minutes ago.

Wearing nothing but his black brief, socks and a white shirt and a bow-tie…Brian knew that his life officially sucked big time,
How was he supposed to get home now?
Wait, he officially was a broke ass rich kid, the irony of being rich and broke.

“’Nice one father, the joke is on me, really it is!!’’ he sighs walking out,

No sight of Ikena, nor the car.
Yes, his life was shitty. Father even pulled Ikena and the car.
He might as well sleep under the bridge now because he has no idea how to get home, no money to pay the fair..
He might as well go to the orphanage and claim orphaned. Atleast they would accept him.
Just when he was supposed to cross the road to the other side, a car horns for him, he turns to see Ikena..
Ikena stops and then opens the door

“’Get in sir”
‘’Oh, look who is here, Ikena , aka my bodygaurd, do you want another drink, i am sorry we are closed now but i got good warm liquid in my balls i can piss it into your mouth, brewed from heaven”’ Brian says sarcastically not entering but continued to walk

Ikena is driving slowly beside him

“’Sir, get into the car”’
“’Ikena, get lost, you sat there and watched me being humiliated, where is your conscience?“’
“’My conscience is in my pocket sir, and my pocket gets paid and you aren’t the one doing that sir, get in please so i can get you home, you have work in a few hours“’
“’Screw you Ikena! Screw your Boss and screw work. Screw all of you”’ Brian spat
Spoilt brat, still hasn’t learnt his lesson has he, ikena muses “”Sir?’’
“”I said get lost””
“’You would get missing getting home””
‘’I said get lost, what do you care? You don’t, father doesn’t either, oh wait till i see him he is going to hear it from me, i am his son damnit!’’ Brian kicks a stone hard as it flew hitting the bin and everything shatters to the ground
“’i am not obligated to stay this time Sir, i am told that if you are not nice to me sir, i should leave and i am getting to that point when i leave.

Which means you will find your way to work on your own, find your way down here on your own…you have no money or means should be grateful to your father that he didn’t pull me away immediately and mind you..i will be here for a week to show you how you move around and made stops and how you get to and from work and other necessary places….i too would be pulled away from, your detail, which means that you are entirely on your own sir””
“’Father can’t do that, he just can’t“’
“’he just did, so please, get in sir so i take you home”’

“’Get lost!!’’ Brian spat
“’Fine, whatever you say”’ Ikena shuts the door, and begins to drive away

Brian stares as the car is moving away…
He began to chase it..
Ikena looks at him from the rear mirror and sees Brian running after him,flapping his hands to stop him..

He increases his speed and lets him chase him for five minutes.
That’s it spoilt Brat, now you know how it feels.
A little more Brian, a little more.

Ikena is laughing, satisfied he stops and waits for Brian to catch up with him..
“’I will kill you Ikena!!’’ Brian breaths as he slips into the car, holding his chest..
“”i didn’t realise you were chasing me sir“’ Ikena says holding a smile and then takes him home.
Once he gets home, he didn’t bother stripping, he collapses into bed and dozes off.
I see Wilson drive in before i hear his horn, i grab my bag and go out to meet him..
“Goodmorning madam”’
“’Morning Wilson”” i greet back slipping into the car,
We reach the office right on time, i go up to my office, after a few minutes i get a knock on the door, it was john.
“’shall we begin madam?’’
“”yes please, is everyone here?”
“’Yes,they are at the conference room, waiting for you”’

‘’Good, let’s go”’
The banging on the door felt like someone was using a hammer close to his head, he turns on his bed checking the time, 9am.
He rolls off the bed and goes outside, it is Ikena..
“”Leave me alone Ikena“’
“’You are late for work and you do realise that your status isn’t the same anymore sir, i have just twenty minutes to get you to work or you are on your own””
“i will get to work when i damn want please Ikena’’
“’’That is entirely up to you, in twenty minutes i am gone,. You will find your way””
Brian sighs cursing…..
No more luxury Brian, no more daddy money.
“”You want to be a man, then handle your responsibilities. No food for a lazy man Brain, you work and you get paid, you don’t work, no pay, no money for chicks and cars and games and luxuries Brian. You want to live a life of wealth, make the wealth, not with my money, it’s enough”’ he hears his father’s voice in his head

Sighing he strolls into the bathroom and takes a shower, throwing on his cloths he is fighting sleep, by the time he is done, his stomach is growling..

No food in the fridge, he decides to order but as soon as the girl picks on the other line, he remembers that he has no money to pay. He cuts the call leaving his apartment and entering the car
“’Drive Ikena “

‘’Very well sir”’



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