Natasha Reloaded Episode 16


The jet flew to the SHADOW base in Australia and landed safely. The place was hidden, underground and beyond the reach of all citizens.
Three men came out from the base, one looking big and broad and from his dressing code, I suppose he is their leader. The other two came with stretchers and Konami was carried into the base with it.
By this time, his hood and mask has been taken off, I looked at him and smile. He is cute though.
After conveying Konami, they came back for Idris. I made sure I looked at him and wow, he is gorgeous but the most annoying thing about him is that, he don’t smile.
Man: *clears throat*
I turned and it was their leader. I greeted him immediately and demanded to go home.
Me: please sir, I want to go home to meet my parents please!
Man: natasha, please come inside let’s discuss things through.
Me: how did you know my name? Please sir, I wanna go back home please!!
Man: don’t worry, you are safe with us. Just do as I say and no harm shall befall you.
Me: ok sir, have heard you…
I followed him to their underground base. One of the guys that took Idris and Konami got to the jet and drove it inside the base. Inside the base look so superb. There was light everywhere and their computer was amazing. Everything inside the base seems electronic.
When I entered inside, I saw another guy, he was very young and he has the same resemblance with Idris.
Man: I am captain val, the commander of the SHADOW AGENTS, the guys that came and rescued you, the tall one with the bow is called Idris, the leader and the second one is called konami. The guy over there…
Pointing at the dude with same resemblance is called Farouk our computer engineer/ scientist and the younger brother of Idris. Those two that took Idris and Konami inside are called Robidon and Jay-x. The rest SHADOWS are not here.
Me: ok, so how do you know my name and where are my parents.
Captain Val: your name, We all know a lot about you.
Me: how?
Captain Val: through your uncle, my close friend back then when we were in school.
Me: *crying* please, what about my parents.
All: *silent*
Me: *crying loudly* take me back to them please. Akuku came with a handkerchief and gave it to me..
Me: *blows nose* please those guys will harm them. Please take me to my parents.
Captain Val: don’t be afraid, we will do all our possible best just to make sure that your parents are safe.
Me: who are those guys by the way.
Farouk: *speaking for the first time* MADE MEN!!!
All: MADE what?
Farouk: they’d introduce themselves as the MADE MEN. I took some pictures of them with my satellites and I was able to have an x-ray photos of each of the assassins.
Captain Val: ok, go on.
Farouk: the five guys you saw were humans.
Captain Val: were?
Farouk: yes, I don’t know how they did it but their genes have been mutated. Extraordinary gases, elements and little particles of dangerous organisms were seen in them. Take a look at this pictures for example. Just then, a pretty girl came out looking exhausted but smiling.

Girl: with the forever harsh dude in the sick bay, more and more party for me.
Farouk: jummybabe!! You don’t call my brother a harsh dude.
Jummybabe: but that is what he is.
Captain val: harsh dude or not, no party for you. Come here and sit. Our next operation will soon be taking place.
I just sat down on a chair as tears were coming from my eyes.
My parents!!
What happened next?
What is the fate of natasha’s parents?
Does this means that Natasha will soon be an orphan?
Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of Natasha.