Jack stared at Kwesi and chuckled. “What did you do to her, she wasn’t even this mad at me when she found out I had slept with all the girls in the hood, so for her to be this mad, I guess you messed up big time”.

Kwesi slumped into the seat beside Jack. “ You have no idea, if I could I would have taken it back, I messed up big time and she didn’t deserve what I put her through”. Jack looked at him carefully.

He had hurt Eli badly, he had seen it in Eli’s eyes and yet the idiot hadn’t seen that Eli still truly loved him.

He still loved Eli but he knew Eli was never going to forgive him for the humiliation he had put her through so he preferred to fake, he’d rather she kept seeing him as the idiot who hurt her than the man in love with her.

Obviously the idiot she had chosen over him was a much bigger idiot, he had hurt her worse. “What exactly did you do to her?” He asked as he stared at him full faced.

“We had a misunderstanding and…..I….I cheated on her with her best friend, I got her pregnant, you see, she cheated on me”.

“I see” was all Jack said.

Eli was a good woman, if he was Kwesi, there was nothing he would want more than to keep Eli, there was nothing he’d prefer to her.

“Why did you call me here?” he asked.

“Eli lied to me, I wanted to find out the truth from you”.

“I’m listening” Jack said.

“Eli had a child for me, when I asked her, she said the little girl wasn’t mine but yours, I know it’s a lie, I want you to tell me the truth”.

Jack looked at him for a few seconds and laughed. “Sorry to disappoint you man, Judith is actually my daughter, she’s not yours Kwesi, Eli and I got together and when I realized she was pregnant, she willingly agreed to go live with my family in Takoradi, we are planning to get married”.

Kwesi staggered. “No, that’s a big lie, Eli wouldn’t do that to me, you are lying to me”. Jack rose and walked towards the door.

“I really don’t care what you think man, you can ask her…..that is if she’s going to talk to you, Judith is my daughter, stay away from them” He said, walked out of the door and banged it behind him.

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Kwesi stood there, just stupefied, he stared at the door, expecting Jack to return and tell him he just wanted to ruffle his feathers a bit but that didn’t happen.

Jack knew he had to speak to Eli, when she had met him a few days back, she hadn’t briefed him enough, she had promised to explain all that was going on with her.

He knew it was serious if Eli needed his help because she hated him and wouldn’t have even looked at him but he had no idea it was this bad.

As if knowing that was going to happen, he met Eli standing at Kwesi’s gate, she looked up at Kwesi’s window and when she didn’t see him , she sat in Jack’s car.

She didn’t know how their talk had ended, she needed to know how it had ended and also if Jack had done what she had asked him to do, then she owed him an explanation.

Do not miss Episode 4, it’s a serious game changer. Watch this space for Episode 4……