Morning Dose Of Inspiration#20 First Impression




  For so long, we have told ourselves first impression is everything and yes to some point this is true, but first impressions don’t really matter like the last one.

  In the early life of Mike Tyson, he got beat by a guy in his hood. A few years later, at about age 20 he went back to his former neighbourhood, looked for the guy and beat him to near death.

  The fellows first impression of Mike was a timid 16yr old kid who looked ripe to be bullied but his last impression was the 20yr old man that almost killed him.

  First impression is not really everything. Sometimes people set the bar too high or expect a bit too much and end up disappointed.

Life is not some robot chicken to take stuff too serious. It’s like a plate of your favourite food. Take your time to  enjoy every bite.

It might take you four years like it took Tyson or 1000 failed chances like Thomas Edison but the key is not to give in until you redeem your self.

Good morning Pobs-tarians

Credit: Nii Kweinortey Quaynor