Colour Of Love Episode 23



The suspension worsened the case. She planned another attack on Adriana. She didn’t know she was back in the country. She sent her men to the house again. But this time around, they were caught on the scene and they were arrested.  Mercy’s plan was to get rid of Adriana and get to Ryan.

The guys were arrested and they mentioned Mercy’s name. The UK police corresponded with the Ghana police for her arrest. But Mercy knew how to cover her traces. They found her innocent and discharged her. Why did Mercy had accomplice in the UK?  Mercy was travelling to the UK almost every week because of her work. She was an air hostess. So going to the UK was simple for her. 

Roland and Miriam were also living good. he got the opportunity to work in the biggest telecom company in UK whiles doing his masters. His now newly wedded wife Miriam was also in a medical school. They were both lived happily more than ever.  

Ryan and Adriana were also battling problems in their relationship. Mercy wasn’t giving them any chance at all. She tried so many things to have Ryan but all of it failed. She one day invited Frank to where he first met him with the offer to show a sex video in church.  What plan again was it this time? You remember she told him he will pay for what he did?

Frank got to the place as they arranged. When he went in, he saw Mercy was in the bath room so he joined her there.  they made love in the bath and brought her back to the room to continue. After a long hours of satisfying themselves, Mercy told Frank to pick something for her from the floor. When he turned to pick it, Mercy quickly took a pistol from her bag and pointed it on Franks head.  Frank pleaded for his life.

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Frank : please Mercy what have I done to deserve this?

Mercy : Frank, Frank, Frank. Hahahahaha you stupid little brat. You thought I had forgiven you? No way Frank no one messes with me. You slept with me and didn’t do my job for me. You also stood behind Ryan that it was a trap I set for him. Anyway you got me pregnant at our first meeting. But hey, I got rid of that long time.

Frank : Mercy please spare me 

Mercy : will you shut up my friend and come down from the bed? I never knew you have this soft voice. Okay I will spare your life on one condition. If you can help me get Ryan.

Frank : yes i can help you. Can I go now?

Mercy : not soo fast boy. 

Frank pushed her to the bed and managed to escape. She was very furious this time round. She made a call to an unknown person. In no time, two guys came to the hotel. 

When Frank left the hotel , he went straight to the police to report the case. Unfortunately for them when they came in, she had already left the place with the guys. 

The police started hunting for her. She was also planning to kidnap Adriana her self. Mercy was fired from work due to her recent behavior. She was found doing drugs also. Her parents also disowned her for some reasons no one knows.

Ryan and Adriana’s love became stronger and stronger. Since the absence of Mercy. Where was she at that time? No one knows until one Saturday evening where Ryan wanted to propose to Adriana at the place they had their first date. 

Ryan proposed to her, they had a lot of fun that night. When they finished and was going home, two men dressed in all black came to them. They  ordered Ryan to hand his keys to them and sit in the car quietly with his girl. One pointed a gun at them in the car and told them not to make any noise. 

To be continued