Kwesi was sitting in his room, he was thinking about Eli, he wasn’t really angry with her anymore, he loved her, much more than he thought he did, now he was getting worried.

Knowing Eli, she wouldn’t leave town for such a long time and not tell him where she was going, no matter how angry he was, she wasn’t one to run.

He picked up his phone and dialed her number, he held the phone for a while before calling, the line was off, after what had happened this was the first time he was calling her, and her line was off.

He threw the phone onto the bed in frustration. He allowed himself to think of some of the good times they had shared together, she had made him happy, though she was always running, she made him happier than he had ever been, she didn’t need to do much, just seeing her made him happy.

Now he had made the biggest mistake in his life by dating Rasheeda, she was a good girl but he didn’t love her, he knew he had just used her and was still doing that which wasn’t fair, he had to end this, he didn’t want to keep making this mistake, he hated himself for what he had done.

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If Eli ever came back, what would she think of him, he remembered Rasheeda had said she was coming to him so all he had to do was wait for her, muster courage and end this stupidity.

He heard a knock on his door and froze, his heart thumped loudly, it was as if he was holding it in his hand.

He opened the door and watched as Rasheeda walked in. He knew it was her but it was unlike her to knock on his door. She sat and stared at him.

“How was your day?” He asked as he sat beside her.

“it was ok” she said and looked at him. “there’s something we need to talk about, it’s very important” he said and sat up.

She looked at him curiously and smiled. She had come to know him, she could read all his signs, but today there was something amiss, no matter what it was, she was sure it wasn’t worse than what she had to say.

“I think mine is more important Jason, I’m expecting your child” Kwesi jumped up from the bed.

“wait, what are you………….”. Suddenly they heard noise of something shattering in the hall, they both rushed out.

Kwesi stared at Eli and staggered. Rasheeda however was oblivious to what was happening at that moment.

Eli had arrived and wanted to see Kwesi, she had really missed him. She believed he would have forgiven her within the past years so she wanted to surprise him.

When she got to the hall, she overheard a familiar female voice telling him she was pregnant, she didn’t need to think much to figure out who it was for as she turned, she bumped into a table and shattered the vase.

She stared at Kwesi whiles Rasheeda run to hug her.

“where have u been?” She hugged her back and squatted to pick up the broken pieces on the floor as the tears flowed down her face.

She deliberately cut herself with one and stood. “Why…..why are u crying?”  She looked at her and smiled through the pain.

“It’s nothing, the glass cut me, I need to go, I’ll see you, we have a lot of catching up to do”. She rushed off before either of them could say a word.

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