Colour Of Love Episode 3



My best friend is in love wow. Haha haha haha haha. Ryan took a pillow and threw it at him and left the room also laughing.

He left the room also laughing. 3 days later, the program came on as scheduled. The church was fully packed with a lot of youth.

Ryan was the MC for the program and when he started, he looked everywhere for Adriana but she was no where to be found.

As the pastor was about to preach, R2 was called upon for a song ministration before the preacher comes. Ryan invited his brother to join him. That was when Adriana also came in. Ryan spotted her immediately

Adriana was looking beautiful that night. She sat next to the pastors daughter, The song R2 sang was her favourite song. She kept quite whiles the song was going on and in fact these two boys were really talented.

They sung to the glory of God. After singing, they got a standing ovation, even the pastor was on his feet with the exception of Adriana who was thinking of Ryan when they were singing and so she didn’t realize everyone was on their feet.

After the program, Adriana went straight to her Audi A7 to go home but Roland quickly approached her.

Roland: hi Adriana

Adriana: hello

Roland: am Roland Ayensu the younger brother of Ryan Ayensu.

Adriana: oh nice to meet you. You guys did very well today.

Roland: nice to meet you too and thank you. My brother wasn’t lying at all in fact you are such a nice person.

Adriana: what? your brother said what? because I don’t really know him.

Roland: sorry ooooo.

Adriana: oh no problem. they exchange numbers, Adriana was so happy that happened. So she drove home very happy.

When she got home, she quickly told her mum the program was. But she had her reasons why she was so happy.

It was past 23:00GMT and Adriana was waiting for Roland’s call, the call came exactly when she was expecting it, they had a long chat

Ryan wasn’t aware of this because Roland didn’t tell him, As they were talking, Adriana started asking questions about Ryan, and Roland answered everything. Adriana then asked to sleep so they could continue the next day.

Now what’s Roland up to? lets find out in the next episode

To be continued


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