Lo Imperdonable (Unforgivable) Episode 83



  Ana Perla tells Pablo that there is something that links them. it will at same time also separates them. Pablo doesn’t understand. he wants her to explain but she asks him to leave. Once outside Pablo promise himself to find out the truth about what she meant.

  Emiliano takes advantages of Veronica and Martin situation. he tries to convince Veronica. He asks her to give him another chance to make her happy. He never forgot about her and still loves her. Veronica refuses and tells him she can’t fall in love anymore. Virginia runs into Martin outside. she once again tries to ruin Veronica’s image. Martin doesn’t believe her and almost strangles her to death.

  Matilde hide the picture behind the statue of La Virgincita. Emiliano doesn’t give up and still want Veronica to give him the opportunity to love her and treat as she deserved. Veronica hugs him and cries. Martin also seat outside and cries. Veronica assures Jorge she will never forgive Martin. Jorge feels he should have protected her. He feels responsible for the pain she is going through. Veronica feels she won’t be able to love again after what Martin did to her. Jorge disagrees and says she will find someone who will love her. Martin refuses to leave the mansion until Veronica speaks to him.

  Emiliano shows up with serenade and flowers and stands at Veronica’s window. Martin sees them and walks towards them. The music interrupts Veronica and Jorge conversation. They get closer to the window and sees Emiliano holding flowers. Jorge assures her Emiliano loves her. He wishes she gives him a chance. Virginia also hears the music. she gets closer to window and notices Emiliano. Matilde enters Virginia room at the moment. she sees a picture of Virginia and Demetrio kissing on her tablets. Matilde takes the tablet. she assures Virginia she let everyone in the house sees the picture. They start arguing and struggling over the tablet.

  Blanquita consoles Ana Perla in her room. Ana Perla tells her she had no idea that people sometime makes sacrifices just for love. She prefers to stay away from Pablo, especially after her grandfather threatens to take her child away. Manuel tries to convince Cresencio to make Ana Perla abort the child. Polo hears them and confronts Manuel. Manuel gets violent with the boy and Cresencio scolds Manuel. Raymunda enters Ana Perla room and asks Blanquita if she knew Ana Perla was pregnant. Blanquita tells her she knew they made love but knew nothing about the pregnancy. Raymunda tells her Cresencio will never agree that she stay in the city to study. She suggests they return to Mina Escondida as soon as possible.

  Veroncia sees Martin approaching the serenade and decides to go down to prevent a fight. Martin tries to get closer but the guards prevent him. Jorge joins them and reminds Martin he already asks him to leave. Martin overhears Veronica tells Emiliano she should have fallen in love with him instead. Matilde and Virginia continue to struggle over the tablet until Matilde pushes Virginia on the bed. She takes advantages and runs off with the tablet. Virginia goes running after her.
Once on the staircase Virginia pushes Matilde and she falls down and rolls over the staircase. Virginia watches her with satisfaction and goes for her tablet then returns to her room.

  Emiliano once again tries to convince Veronica to accept him right in front of Martin. Satisfied Virginia returns to bed and assures herself no one will blame her for the death of Matilde. They hear Salma screams and rushes inside to see her beside Matilde’s lifeless body. Salma blames Veronica for bringing bad luck into the house since she returns from Mina Escondida. Emiliano scolds her and asks her to leave them if she is going to insult Veronica. Maternal instinct, Magdalena tells Botel she feels Veronica is in danger. Martin wants to go in to see what happen but the guards refuses to let him in.
Veronica doesn’t want Matilde to die because she is like her mother.

  Salma informs Virginia that something bad just happen. Virginia pretends as if she didn’t know and fakes concerns. She wastes no time in blaming Veronica for what has been happening in the house lately. Jorge tries to stop Veronica to go with the ambulance but she refuses. Magdalena and Botel arrive and they hear Veronica tells Jorge Matilde is like her mother.

  Pablo informs him mother about his conversation with Ana Perla and wants to know what it means. Manuel enters Ana Perla room to torture her. he tells her because of her Crescencio is feeling sick again. She tries to go and check on him but before that Manuel threatens to kill Pablo if she ever sees him again.

  Mariana and her mother are getting ready to leave. Mariana tells her Virginia treated her badly. She sent a letter to Veronica to inform her that Virginia made her lie. Virginia indeed dated Demetrio. She is also her doctor Daniel’s lover. Martin joins Veronica in the hospital; she hugs him and cries in his arms. Emiliano and Jorge shows up and see them. Emiliano wants to go and confront Martin but Jorge holds him and tells him it is not the right time. Botel and Magdalena also join them.
Magdalena overhears Veronica tells Martin that she doesn’t want Matilde to die. She is like a mother to her, Magdalena feels bad but Botel asks her not to and suggest she gives her all the support she needs. Emiliano informs Veronica they are also suffering just like she is. Veronica rushes into his arms and hugs him. Pierre goes for a make-over. He shaves all his bear to impress his Cherie Claudia. Lorenzo wants to inform Martin and his wife that they have discovered a huge amount of gold. But before that they will celebrate it tonight at the canteen.

  Pierre joins Claudia in the shower and she is indeed impress with his new look. Magdalena assures Veronica she will always be there for her. They all console her even Martin. The doctors examine Matilde’s x-ray and are worry because she is in a delicate situation. Nicolas informs Jorge that one of their European customer want a large quantity of Veronica’s jewelry line. However they don’t have enough gold to meet his demand. Manuel goes to the hospital and asks a nurse for information about having an abortion. The nurse explains to him that need the lady consent first before her family.
Manuel request for the doctor details which she gives it to him.

  Virginia and Salma join the rest at the hospital. Virginia fake concerned about Matilde condition. Veronica and Martin watch her without saying a word. Virginia takes advantages and tries to get closer to Emiliano. She tells Emiliano Matilde was too old and should be on retirement by now. Veronica can’t take it anymore and asks her to stop pretending. She never cared about Matilde, Virginia plays the victim again. She tells her she is also worry about Matilde because she is like a member of the family. Virginia tries to hug Emiliano but he pushes her away. Daniel sees them and turns back before they could see him. Martin however sees him and goes after him.

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