Colour Of Love Episode 2



After Ryan finished singing, Adriana asked her mother who Ryan was. Her mum smiled and said Ryan one of the best young guys in church.

Her mum smiled and said “oh Ryan! He is the most successful and talented young guy in our church and he’s every young lady’s wish to have him”.

After the service, Mr Will and Adriana went to see the pastor at his office. At that same time the pastor and Ryan were having a meeting concerning an upcoming youth program in the church.

As soon as Mr Will and Adriana entered the office, Ryan felt something within him. Adriana also felt at first sight they say.

Ryan excused himself to wait outside. Mr Will introduce Adriana to the pastor who welcomed her.

After a short while, the pastor asked Adriana if she was going to attend the youth programme ahead of them that he had been discussing with Ryan earlier. Her dad interrupted and said, pastor you don’t have to ask, she will come.

They all laughed and asked to take their leave. When they headed out, the pastor called Ryan back to his office to finish their meeting.

Mr Will gave his car keys to her to drive. Adriana remained silent on the drive home, she was only thinking of Ryan. Her dad was saying something but she didn’t hear him. Mr Will tapped her shoulder because she was fond of talking to her dad whenever they were together

After a while, the pastor and Ryan also finished with their meeting. He also came and drove off. He was also thinking of her when he was going home.

Mr Will normally goes home alone without his wife because she was a member of the financial committee in the church and they normally had meetings after church so it wasn’t something new going home alone.

Immediately Ryan got home, he went straight to Roland’s room to check on him. Roland was his best friend. Roland saw his friend was acting differently so he asked him what was it. He lied and said he was okay but he wasn’t. Roland insisted so Ryan had to tell him everything. Roland laughed at him as soon as he finished.

My best friend is in love wow. Haha haha haha haha. Ryan took a pillow and threw it at him and left the room also laughing.

To be continued.