The Billionaire’s P.A Prologue



{He’s Arrogant and Rude, She’s Clumsy and Feisty}

GENRE: Romance, Comedy, Thriller

By Crystal Oduwa (Authoress Bella)


Money makes the world goes round.

Most people would do anything to make money.

I’m not exempted. I’ll do whatever it takes to make money even if it means I’ll have to survive working with the devil himself, as long as I get paid, I’ll scale through head on.

Bruises and bumps aside I’ll be his P.A even if he is an Arrogant bas***d not to mention a Billionaire ✨


Damon O’Conner or as most people like to refer to him, the Billionaire bas***d. King of the money making empire, ruthless as they come and does everything in his power to make money.

Elena Salvatore, clumsy yet feisty, a no nonsense kind of lady. She becomes needy and has no other option but to work for the Billionaire bas***d promising herself it’ll just be for a short while, at least until she has enough money to disappear for a long time.

Why is He Arrogant, is there a story behind him? Why does she need money and escaping from who? Will she work as his P.A for just a short while or longer, what happens during that period?

Stay glued