Just A Dare Episode 50 Final



I smile as I look at Javier who is looking pretty nervous but immediately his eyes lands on me, he smiles at me.

I smile back at him before looking over to mother who is looking like she can’t just wait to ounce at him.

I roll my eyes before staring down and shifting uncomfortably between my legs.

“What the hell is that guy doing in my house? Didn’t I tell you to stay away from my daughter and I never want to see you around her ever again!”

She yells and I roll my eyes again.

“Mom please, you don’t really have to yell at him. I’m the one that asked him to be here because I wanted to show you and Dad the guy that I’m in love with.”

She said and she turns to look at me, her eyes burning with rage that it almost looks like if looks could kill, I will be ten feet underground.

“No, you are not in love with him. You don’t know what love means Arielle and you are not in love with him.”

She yells and I roll my eyes once again.

“No mom, I actually know what love means and I know when I am in love with someone. I’m in love with him and nothing you say right now is going to change that.”

I mutter boldly, staring right back at her and I watch as Ryan and my other brothers walks down the stairs.

“What’s happening?”

Ryan asks looking around the whole room.

“I’m glad that you’re here and I hope that you will be able to talk some sense into your sister here so she will remember who she is and whose family that she’s from.”

She says and Ryan turns to look at me even though it didn’t get past my notice that dad hasn’t utter a single word despite the show that mom is putting on right now.

That actually makes me so scared because if Dad doesn’t agree to it then there’s no way that I will actually be able to convince mom that she has to accept him.

“I know about everything mom and I know that you have been on her neck and you haven’t allow her to be with who she wants. If she says that she’s in love with someone then let her go, don’t you think that you have controlled her life more than enough already?”

He says and a smile makes it’s way to my lips.

“What the hell are you talking about? Do you even see the guy that she says she’s in love with? Have you taken a good look at him?!”

She yells louder and I sigh.

It’s always about the appearance whenever it comes to mom.

“Appearance doesn’t matter mom, you should know that by now.”

“I will do anything to be with Arielle and I’m not leaving here until I get your approval ma’am.”

Javier finally speaks up for the first time since he has been here.

“I wasn’t talking to you.. I was speaking with…”

“Jasmine. Please.”

Dad finally speaks up and I can feel my heart beating so fast against my chest.

“If she’s in love with him then let them be together…”

Oh my God!

He agreed! He really agreed!

“What are you talking about Sam.. you know that the family’s reputation…”

“I know everything about family’s reputation Jasmine and remember that I didn’t care about my family’s reputation when I got married to you, this young boy is just like you and you have to see him like you saw yourself those years ago.”

Dad says and I smile even wider.

God I can’t believe that he just agreed to that.

Minutes pass as mom just stares at Javier who has his head bow. God, please just let her accept this. Let her accept him.

“Fine. She can be with him but he must not hurt my daughter or I will ruin him myself.”

Mom snarls and I shout loudly as I run to her and hug her and she laughs.

“I’m very sorry that I have been trying to control you darling, please forgive me. I have been a really bad mother.”

She says and I shake my head immediately.

“You don’t have to worry about that mom. Everything is fine now, I never hated you. You doing this is the best thing that you could have ever done to me.”

I smile at her and she hugs me again before releasing me and I walk over to Javier who hugs me immediately I get to him.

“We did it.”

He smiles and I nod against him.

“We did. And I love you.”

I smile and she sighs into my neck.

“No touching until you two decide to get married!”

Dad yells and I let go of him immediately, bowing to dad before we all busted into laughter.

It has began with a dare from the start but it ended with my happiness and my freedom.


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