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Just A Dare Episode 49


I stare around the room, my lips stretching into a smile as I recall everything that has happened once again.

We had just proclaim our love for each other. he loves me and I had let him know how I feel about him also.

This is almost the happiest day of my life but there’s only one problem which is my mom and dad, I have to let the two of them know that I don’t want to get married to whoever it is they are marrying me off to.

I will have to make them understand and with Javier coming here, I hope that I will be able to change their mind and even if I’m not able to. I will have no other choice than to elope with him.

I don’t care what they think about it but Ryan is right about all this.

I didn’t give him much effort into the relationship before, now I’m willing to do that.

I won’t give up until we are finally together. Me and him.

“Ma’am,please your parents are looking for you. The guests are all waiting for you.’

A voice shots me out of my thoughts and i turn back to see our maid, I nod at her and smile before calming down my heavy breathing and making my way downstairs after sending the address to Javier.

My eyes quickly scanned around as I entered the room and a guys turned to me which I think should be the supposed husband.

Beside him is a woman and a man which I think should be the parents.

“Oh, she’s finally here.”

I hear my mom say as I walked down the stairs and over to them, my eyes meeting briefly with the guy.

He looks really good though and he smiles at me as our eyes meet.

I politely return the smile before looking away from him and walking over to my mom who is still smiling at me.

She must be really happy because what she has always hoped for is finally happening and I don’t blame her though I blame myself.

I should have never accepted this no matter how mad I had been at Javier and now, I’m just coming to regret my decision.

“Come on, sit down.”

She says and I shake my head before turning to look around and taking in a deep breath, deciding that there will be no better time to do this than now.

“Mom, I do not want to get married.”

I said and I watch the room falls into a deep silence, all eyes on me and mom’s own blazing with anger like she’s ready to ounce on me.

“What are you talking about darling? You told me that you wanted this. To get married right? Why the sudden change of mind?” She smiles at me and I shake my head.

“I’m sorry Mom. I really am but I have someone I love and I do not want to get married.”

I say once again.

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“Um, please don’t be angry. I’ll try and talk some senses into her head,you remain seated please ”

“Mom, there’s nothing to talk about. I have just said everything that needs to be said. I do not .”

“Shut up,will you?!”

She yells and I flinch a little letting out a deep low grunt.

“I’m sorry. I see that you guys haven’t yet concluded about what you want. When you are,please let me know.”

And with that, they all left while mom tries to persuade them not to.

“Why will you do something like this Arielle? This is disgracing us.”

Father says and I turn back to look at him.

“I’m so sorry dad but I have someone else I love. Mom knows about it, she’s the reason we broke up in the first place.i do not want to get married to another guy.”

“Then you should have let me know about it. Who is this guy that you love.”

“Please, don’t tell me it’s that same useless guy that I saw you with when I came to your school,i sn’t it?”

Mom says, storming in.

“Sir. There’s someone here who claims that he’s here to see you. He says he knows young madam.”

And it’s him.

He really came here.


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