The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 99



Coming out of the dressing room, I walk down to where both daughter and her mother was not even bothering to smile this time around because am f**king tired and I only have one wish which is to get home and sleep.

Although, I know it might be a little bit difficult but I just pray they don’t make me change from this again today.

“Here she comes, my son’s wife to be.” His mom Praise as I walk towards them.

I forgot to tell you, we met in a restaurant once where she told me if I can make Edward forgive her and act like a normal son should act to his mom, she would bless us.

Seeing this as an opportunity, I started although, it’s a very hard job to set up on but I was able to challenge Edward although, it made is fought for days.

And during those days, he also challenged me to bring up two different reasons why he should and I did which he accepted but I never knew he would do so.

Because that day, he only said he would because he wants me to stop talking about that but seeing her again today, she acted somehow good to me the moment we met her at the entrance.

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I was really shocked but I just played along thinking she was just joking not until she proved me wrong but I prefer none of them present while I pick the gown I want.

How I wish it was Edward who escorted me here, I would only need to do two or five change of clothes before he finally let go.

Now I understand why she asked me to wear something extremely free so that I won’t get tired and frustrated.

“I prefer this of all dresses I have seen today.” I heard his mom saying I should look up to her with a real genuine smile.

Finally, she chose this after entering up to fifty different boutiques today and also more than uncountable gowns because I lost count while I was entering the second boutique which only deals in wedding gown.

“I also do love and prefer this than the once I have been wearing since. “I quickly added before running off to the changing room to change back into my freedom gown.

I called it freedom because I won’t have to be dragging it up just to do the zipper like before.

Coming out, I hand it over to the sales girl who went ahead to pack it up for me.

“We should get going to the shoe shops and get you something nice.” Her mom suggested while she nodded also in agreement.

Just kill me, I thought following them like a lost sheep…