The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 98



” Once we are done with your dressing up and bath, we are going for shopping. “She said before running off while I followed her because I don’t know what we are going to shopping for.

“Shopping for what?” I asked to be sure if I heard her well or she was just murmuring to herself about things which she wish she want to do.

“For your wedding of course.” She said making me groan loudly as I slump to the wall.

” For real, we still have four days before my wedding.” I said pouting my lips while I begged her with my eyes.

“No will do it, it been two weeks that you have been skipping it and your wedding is just four days to go. Do you think it’s an easy task to fetch out wedding gown for you? We have to roam around the world to see what would suit you. “She said and l looked down defenseless then I nodded.

“Fine, anything for you.” I replied dryly.

” Get to the bathroom do your thing and come back downstairs for your breakfast although wear something free and short because you don’t want to have yourself stuck with a tight dress. Remember we would be checking out different wedding gowns that would fit you perfectly. “She said then I stood up from where I sat.

Taking my leave, I went into the bathe she had prepared for me then relaxed while I close my eyes and enjoy the warmth the water is providing me with.

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“Seriously! Do you think Edward is going to help you with the gown this time around? “She partially yelled as I cringe.

” Can’t a girl just have peace before her wedding?” I asked rolling my eyes as I sit up while frowning.

” No cause mom is coming.” Hearing the word mom is coming from her mouth, my heart hammered against it’s rib cage.

“You mean your mom is coming with us for my gown?” I asked and she nodded then walk out of the bathroom.

Grabbing the sponge, I started scrubbing myself as quick as possible then rinsed myself up before jumping out of the bathtub and bathroom.

Entering my closet, I wore the first free and short gown that I saw them paired it up with my heels.

Taking my hair up, I packed it into a high bund then let it’s tail drop down on my back.

Walking out the bedroom, I ran down to the dinning where I met her doing FaceTime with her mom.

Hiding behind bunch of towels which I use in the kitchen, I started chewing on my breakfast and quick as possible.

“You should be done by now.” She said getting out of her seat.

” Of course, I am. “I said chewing the last cheese on my plate then I drank up the orange juice right beside me.

“I think we are set.” I said grabbing my keys and with that, we left for our shopping…