The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 100 final



“Get up, it’s time to get you dressed up.” I heard his mom says while I stood up from the bed yarning as I make my way to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth then sneak downstairs to the kitchen just to get some foods like fruit most especially apple.

After taking like ten apples, I made my way back to the bathroom only to meet some ladies in there waiting for me.

“Here she comes, you have to do everything real quick.” I heard his mom says as I quickly hid the fruits in-between my legs.

Although, it’s in a bag already and I thank God am in a bathrobe so no one would be able to notice am pratically hiding something in there.

“Morning mom.” I said smiling as she peck my head then she left to go get dressed also.

Making my way to the bathroom, I dropped the bag then let go of my bathrobe. Although, I told them to enjoy while I bath myself cause I really hate people I don’t really know staring at my naked body.

While I bath, I take my time to eat the apple because according to his mom, you aren’t meant to eat anything on a day like this so that you wouldn’t throw up when the nervousness creep in.

In less than 10 minutes, I was done then I disposed the leftovers before entering my bedroom where I was being dressed up.

I wore my dress, my make up was done followed by my hair which was put in a deep curl which I really love and lastly, I was helped with my shoes.

We were able to get this shoe yesterday morning from China because obviously, his mom love only it and she wants me to use it for my wedding.

Same as my jewelries which was from India and it also came in yesterday.

Not to lie, she really have a good taste when it comes to fashion and beauty and I really admire her for that.

An hour later

Standing before the man I fell in love with, the man who brought me out of the fear I created for myself, the man who showed me a better way of life, I couldn’t help but let the tears slide down as I say my oat.

“Forever.” I finished then slide the ring into his finger.

Looking up at him as he say his own oat, I can feel my heart melt away as his mouth move upwards and downwards.

Sliding the ring into my finger, he kissed it then look at me before kissing my already waiting lips.

I can’t believe am actually married, am married! I yelled the moment he broke the kiss and people celebrated us.



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