The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 96



It been a week now that we had that fight although, I have actually beg him through his sister that day because his phone was all switched off.

I can’t believe he actually did that for the two of us, he must have been pissed that I didn’t even understand why he did that for.

Those were the thought running through my head even though I have begged him and he has forgiven me.

I had to go down to his office the second day with his best food as lunch inorder to beg him physical which work out and he finally give me.

Day went by as we kept on talking and face timing because he traveled out for some business reasons.

Even though we talk and joke around, he still mention he misses me as his personal assistant everyday.

Another good news is that my wedding is coming on in two weeks time, when Edward pick out the date and showed me the invitation cards he had done.

And also some which he has sent out to people even before informing me, his wife to be very soon.

Everything keep coming up and the preparation had started also, his mom called today telling me she wants to meet me personally which makes me wonder what she wants to see me for.

If not for the fact that she is Edward mom, I wouldn’t even give her hearing not to talk of giving her my evening for her to take.

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” Come in.” I called out to the person knocking at my door while I was lost in my thoughts.

” Okay ma’am.” I heard my personal assistant says as she opened the door and make her way Into my office.

” What do you want this time around?” I asked looking at her through my eyelashes.

” You have a meeting with Dr chef restaurant. “She said making me wonder what we even want to talk about.

“They want to get cover from our restaurant because theirs is falling apart. ” she said and I sigh deeply.

” How much are they even want to invest in our company.” I asked placing my head on the table to rest it while I kept thinking of what to do.

” Just two stock in our company.” She said and my head instantly shot up.

” Like seriously? And he wants us to partner together? Didn’t he read the terms and conditions of this contract?

He must have more than 30 percent of shares in our company before we partner with anyone. ” I said.

” Just let him know we are going to buy off the company, I have enough shareholders already. “I said and she nodded before walking out of my office…