The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 97



A month after.

Waking up to the feelings of someone been in the same room with me, I quickly sat up thinking it might be a thief that came in or assassin agent.

Thinking about that alone makes me cringe as this uneasiness creep into the depth of my stomach.

Hearing a sound from my door, I turned my head swiftly only to see Edward sister trying to find her way into my room tiptoing.

“You know you could have just wake me instead of scaring life out of me by tiptoing into my house. “I said rolling my eyes.

” Fine you caught me, I only wanted you to wake up and find me beside you like a surprise thing. “She said opening the door widely as she make her way into my room. Straight to my bathroom.

“So would you mind telling me what you are here for this early morning? “I asked getting off my bed as I also followed her into the bathroom.

“Remember your wedding is this weekend and today is Tuesday for crying out loud. “She said and I rolled my eyes.

” Must you already remind me of that?” I asked taking my seat on the marble floor in the bathroom while she prepare my bathe.

Well, that’s how she does whenever she comes to my house. She would go on saying I must look good, fresh and my skin must me like that of an Angel.

Even if I keep scrubbing just to make it soft like she do nag me about, she would say it’s not that. It’s because I don’t know how to mix my bathe.

And not to lie, I don’t really fancy preparing bath like that when am not a model. And I don’t fancy beauty like that because I counted that as stress.

But having her doing all these for me makes me love to do it. But she promise to teach me which she has been doing.

But still, I only told her I would start doing that once am married to Edward.

That was the reason she kept on doing it till date because if she ask me, I would give her that same excuse.

“Elena!” I heard her yelled into my ear making me jolt back to reality.

“What? Do you want me dead even before my own wedding?” I asked rolling my eyes at her while she hit me.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t been listening since the moment you sat there. “She said and I threw her that innocent smile before nodding my head saying yes.

” Fine, am going to repeat it but this would be the last time I would. “She said and I nodded again.

” Once we are done with your dressing up and bath, we are going for shopping. “She said before running off while I followed her because I don’t know what we are going to shopping for…

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