The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 95



I watch as she cursed at me before taking her seat far end of the car frowning with her legs crossed.

I would have continue with our little romance but I stopped because it would feel like am using her just like she has done to me.

I want ours to be different and memorable for her that’s why I have no choice but to let down my horny dangerous homo.

I shouldn’t have started this but I couldn’t help and didn’t even know when I started rubbing her laps till I started rubbing her p**sy through her panties.

I just couldn’t take my hands off her especially when she started rubbing me through my brife. I was so f****ng turned on beyond my expectations.

At first, I thought if I let her be, I can’t get turned on by her small hand yet if she continue for the next one hour but just 20 minutes after, I could not hold it in again.

I really need to get it out and I didn’t want to do that in their house. If not, I would have lead her into my room just to finish up what we both started.

But I couldn’t since it’s their house especially when my mom is there, she might miss interpret it and think she was the one who seduce me.

Not knowing I was actually the one who pratically lured her into doing so, am the one who doesn’t know what self control and comportment meant.

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Once we got to her apartment, she stepped out carrying her things and left without a good bet kiss or hug which means she is still angry at me.

Once she get off the car, I asked my driver to continue the journey while I brought out my phone calling her but she didn’t pick my call so I decided to text her.

Explaining the reason behind my withdrawal from our hot intimacy and once I was done, I switched off my three phones before closing my eyes as I rest my head waiting for the driver to announce that we were home already.

Waiting for what seems like forever, he finally announced that we were home which makes me open my eyes then step down from the car.

Entering my home, I went straight to the toilet where I empty everything I have been holding inside of me.

Once I was done, took a very cold shower then wore something that can keep me warm before going to the dinning for my dinner I would say.

Even though I will still eat another one before sleeping this night.

“How did it go?” I heard my sister asked.

“Cool, she put her where she belongs to with Evey bit of her words.” I replied and with that, I left for my room carrying along the food…