The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 94



Just as he stepped into the car with me, it’s like he has been waiting for me to enter the car, he closed the window that linked us and the driver together.

The next thing I know, he was nearing me and me backing away from him.

Just as I was about moving away from him, he placed his hands besides me using it to block my passage in the process.

“Do you think you will get away after getting me all turned up and needy? “He asked while I look up to meet his dark lust filled eyeballs.

They where staring at me like I have done something bad but knowing he was the one who started it, I smirk down at him.

“You should know better by now that you were actually the one who started it and I just played along. “I said sounding innocent.

” I had to do something to calm you down and don’t blame me for not stopping even though you were calm already.

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How would I see such a beautiful lady seated besides me and she is my fiancee without touching her.

And bless God, she actually knows how to return favor using the little hand of hers to work magic on me. ” He said near my ear while kissing it.

I couldn’t suppress my moan again, I let it out as he started using his mouth and soft lips to work magic on my body.

He continued like this for some minutes before finally coming to my lips.

Although, that was after he had torture my neck like this is the only chance he have and if not used, he wouldn’t get another one.

We shared a rough heated kiss while trying to dominate the kiss, I closed my mouth short not allowing him in.

Noticing what am doing, he started moving his hand dangerous into my clothes to the nearest thigh to my p**sy.

Making his hand move over it, I thank God I do remember to shave down there and my two armpits every single day when I wake up.

My mind was already away from the thought of the two of us having something we were dragging as I push myself forward waiting for him to hit that spot but unfortunately, he only wants me needy.

Just like I was about to complain, I felt a finger entered my p**sy then another one came in making me gaps in the process then he slipped in his tongue finally having that opportunity, he team he fingers then smile against my lips.

Although, I didn’t even realize what he was doing not until he unlock the kiss making me whine.

“I got what I want baby girl, to be in charge of the kiss. “He said making me open my eyes wide in realization…