The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 93



Obviously, where else would I get the money from I thought mentally eyeing her. She must be stupid thinking I would tell her the answer she wanted to hear.

“No, I have been saving up for a day like this since I was ten years of age which means I started saving very early. And am very sure your source would have a also informed you that I started working from when I was sixteen years and I kept the money. Together with my years savings, how much do you think it is? “I asked making her stir at me lost of words.

“When I check my savings balance, it’s more than what I earn in a year working for your son so I used the money I have been saving for my business while the one I earn in his company was used to buy shares in his company. ”

I said looking up to her with that gut and feelings that says to hell with you if you think you can bring me down with your words.

“That’s my babe.” Edward said taking my lips in a quick kiss. Once he unlock it, I whine forgetting his parents where seated right before us.

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“Dad what do you think of her now?” Edward asked.

“I think I love her already especially her good spirit and sense of humor. “His father said making me blush.

I was about showing how thankful I am for that comment when I felt a finger rubbing my clit through the panties I wore looking over to Edward, I saw he has even close the gap between us .

Then I took to stop myself from choking or moaning due to what Edward is doing to me.

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“Thanks for your comment… Can I call you dad?” I asked them he nodded smiling.

” Okay dad. Thanks Dad. “I said.

” I don’t think you guys should wait for anything else, choose a wedding date, I want no comment coming from any of you. Just a date. “The father said making the both of us laugh.

The lunch went on with his father talking, Edward tormenting my clit and me tormenting his junior member.

While his mom just berried herself into eating her food slowly and silently without making a sound.

Once I was done eating, I drank some wine but didn’t stop myself torturing his junior member.

Seeing am done eating, the retreat his finger and I did so to mine.

“Dad, mom thank you for this wonderful lunch. I really appreciate this but I and Elena have to go now, we will come visiting when we find a date. “Edward said.

” Thank you Dad thanks ma’am for this wonderful opportunity to talk to you. Next time we come over, am coming with my jotter inorder to learn from you. ”

I said bowing before I and Edward left for the car hurriedly which makes me wonder what all these are about…


Someone should guess why Edward is in a hurry?