The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 92



With the way this lady has been speaking, I know am on a hot seat already.

Unlike her husband who seems friendly and full of life just like his junior sister.

An very sure Edward took after his mom but thank God he has changed for being an old wizard to a cute little thing.

She has been doing the talking while I just stay low not wanting to get involved in their conversation.

I take less of everything on the table savouring every taste of it. I won’t lie, her cooking skills are awesome.

“What a delicious food.” I thought aloud but once I realize what I just did, I regretted it because that only drew her attention to me.

“Does that mean you don’t feed my son with something as delicious as this? “She asked making me choke on my food.

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I wanted to reply with the same tone she use to tell her that her cooking skills doesn’t beat mine not to talk of my mother’s own but I kept mute.

“Mom, her cooking skills is better than yours. You should be happy she praised you for the food because I wasn’t expecting it. “Edward said and I instantly step on his toe.

” He is just saying that because he misses your cooking. I wish I can learn more from you ma’am. “I replied meekly while she smirk.

” I learnt you where my son personal assistant but once you started dating him, you stopped working . I hope you aren’t for his money. “His mom said.

I didn’t want to reply that but once I see Edward was about to say something, I beat him to it.

“No, that was the exact year I sign with him. I only work in his company just to have more experience. ”

I said and Edward secretly rub my thigh to get my attention and once he have it, he gave me thumbs up.

“Oh but in my search, you have been home since then. “She said then I realized this woman has really been staking me.

“Oh, maybe because I made my moves secretive that’s what’s why he skip out some details. And I only did that to surprise Edward.

I have been working on how I would start my own business for those weeks and today, I opened a boutique.

But tomorrow, I want to open my new restaurant then launch the two together on Saturday night. ” I said.

” Am very sure that’s from the money you earn from my son’s company automatically, it’s my son’s money you used. “She said.

What a witch she is, no wonder he never for once talk about her even if all make child loves their mom than they do to their dad but hers, it’s another story entirely.

Obviously,where else would I get the money from I thought mentally eyeing her…


What do you think her answer would be?