The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 91



Am as worried as she is,I don’t even know who told mom about her for mom to demand to meet her.

I pray she doesn’t do or say anything stupid to my fiance because that was the main reason I want to make Elena my wife before letting her meet mom.

Although,I will have my dad’s blessings before marriage but after marriage and seeing Elena is heavily pregnant,then she would meet mom.

That was the plan before but it seems Mom has her nose pulled into everywhere I step on for her to know about Elena.

“You are going to be fine, don’t worry too much about her. Am always here for you.”

I said placing a kiss on her head as I tried to calm her nerves while I held her small palm in my large one.

Providing her the comfort she needed from me inorder to face my mom.

Although,I have told mom on the phone not to make any thing silly because she was the main reason my first relationship was ruined.

Although then,I was being the good boy who listens to mom but now,I would do anything to protect this relationship if it meant dropping the last name.

I would surely do so and live a free life without the thought of having someone take away my happiness.

Driving into the compound,the driver stopped infront of the main entrance for us to come off before he leaves for the garage.

Once the door was opened for me,I helped myself down then helped Elena ouT also then we made our way to the entrance.

I was about proceeding when the guards opened the door but Elena stopped me.

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“What is it sweetheart?” I asked looking at her.

“What if I mess everything up? Let’s go back before it’s too late.” She said doubting herself.

” Since you didn’t mess up my life and my company you can’t mess up anything infront of them.”I said giving her a reassuring smile before we finally entered.

“Here he comes,my son.” Mom said walking towards me as Elena hid herself behind me.

“Don’t make her uncomfortable mom.” I whispered hugging her before pulling Elena out from her hiding gentle not to hurt her.

“Good afternoon ma’am I am…”

“He already told me and he warned me not to make you uncomfortable.” Mom said making me frown.

” Mom.”I called then she smile trying to touch me but I move away from her pulling Elena with me.

“Son,it been years.” My dad greeted from where he is seated with his book in the dinning.

“Join us for lunch,I made it specially for you.” Mom said and I hummed.

” Dad here is the woman that shaped my life back together.” I said making Elena blush While dad smile and peck her fore head.

“That why I said when you see a good woman,you would surely know her.”dad said and she smiled for the first time she had entered our house.

“You all don’t want the food to get cold.” Mom said while we both take our seat…