The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 90



“Will you just close your mouth already before the flies helps you with it. “His junior sister said coming out behind me.

” You look stunning, I prefer been in that top than this because this dress will surely bring attraction from other men. “Edward said and I rolled my eyes.

” Then I can just go in and change into the one I was wearing before as if. “I said hitting him before carrying my things pretending to turn around to the dressing room.

” No don’t, that one would only want me to have you any where I sight you. “He said making me turn tomato red.

” Stop being naughty.” I said hitting him again as we both end up laughing.

” Where are we going to? “I asked all of a suddenly.

“Somewhere.” He replied leading the way to the entrance where one of his bodyguard colleted the plastic bag in my hand and place it inside the boot of the car.

Like a gentle man, Edward opened the door for me then I entered and he followed suit.

Inside the car, I pull down my fur ready to enjoy the air coming from the air conditioning unit.

“You still wouldn’t tell me.” I said more like a question while looking out of the tinted windows.

” Only if you promise not to freak out.” He said making me face him.

Freak out? I thought in my mind wondering what would make me freak out aside everything he has been doing since the moment I became his woman.

And even today which I didn’t even expect from him. I already know he is full of suprises.

“What else is going to freak me out? It’s not like we are getting married today and even if we are, I wouldn’t be in a green gown, I will be in my white gown. So there’s nothing that can freak me out. Spit out young man before I beat it out of you. “I said and he smile a little bit.

” My mom and dad demand to meet with you, she was the one who called while we were in there a while ago. “He said throwing me off guard.

” Oh my goodness, am meeting with your parent especially your mom? “I asked already freaking out.

Because I heard she is strict when it comes to anything that has to do with her children especially her son.

“I didn’t hold a gift for her, I don’t even know her best colour,I don’t,I didn’t…” I didn’t even know what else to say because am really tense up.

The first question that came to my mind,I poured it out to him.

” wouldn’t she be annoyed?” I asked looking at him with my fearful eyes… TBC