The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 89



Only God knows why he wants me to dress this elegantly, I thought staring at the beautiful side slit deep sweet heart neck cut green with a rope backless gown in my hands.

Removing everything I wore including my undies, I entered the shower then came back neat and free from sweat.

Using the body lotion I met there and hair spray, I dry my hair and body then sort my hair.

Getting out of the towel, I wore a new pair of undies then wore the gown.

Although it seems difficult for me because my hip didn’t fully get through the waist of the clothes until I used force on it.

I was still dragging up the gown when I heard a knock coming from the entrance which made me check the time.

It’s just 7 minutes ago I left his place, he can’t wait for just 10 to fifteen minutes, I thought shaking my head.

“Am coming, just five minutes more!” I yelled while I finally balance the gown on my body.

“Am here for your make-up, I heard his sister voice yelled then I sigh because I didn’t bring any make up kit.

it didn’t even cross my mind that I would be needing make up to wherever we are going but who know, I thought making my way to the door then I opened it.

Seeing me, his sister let a wow out while I let her in with the box in her hand.

She eye rape for some seconds before dropping the box and while I took my seat infront of the mirror.

“You look so gorgeous and stunning.” She said making me blush my way in.

“The pleasure is mine, thank you.” I said then she smiled at my reply.

” You welcome but please don’t blush too much, it might spoil the make up am about to do for you. “She said and I nodded in reply.

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She set to work by rolling and curling my hair then she put it into a cap while she started the make-up.

In just less than 10 minutes, she was done with my make-up already.

“Just take a look at yourself and give me any percentage from 1 to 100.”she said making me smile as she move away from the mirror side.

Looking at my reflection, I gaps and couldn’t believe what am staring at. Is this really me or another person? I thought as she remove the cap.

Making my hair fall out into a deep curls. My blue eyes came out same as my high cheek Making me look incredible beautiful.

“Am giving you 100.” I said while hugging her.

“You shouldn’t stain your make up with your tears. “She said and I smile before thanking her.

I pack all my things into a plastic as she dose to hers then turn around only to find Edward shadow coming.

“Aren’t you people done…” He paused then started from my legs to my curvey hips down to my hair as his eye darken.

“Is this you?” He asked making me laugh.

“Of course.” I said walking towards him then he held my waist.

“No kissing” his sister said getting in-between us as we were about locking our lips together making the both of us chuckled…