The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 86



Still in my thoughts, I heard my phone vibrating which jot me back to reality.

Checking it, it’s Damon Edward calling.

“Hello.” I said into the phone but someone else replied it which sent chills down my body.

I didn’t even remember I have already fling the book I listed them away, I quickly stood up carry my bag and keys.

Wearing whatever shoe I found, I closed my door and lock it same hose with the gate that leads to my apartment.

Hailing down a cab, I gave the driver the location I was given asking him to speed up cause I need to get there before the thirty minutes I was given.

Because I don’t know what’s happening with another person calling me using Damon number and also, he said I shouldn’t bring anyone along also.

Only God knows what’s happening to Him While I was at home before I was called.

Haa God, I pray nothing bad happen to him cause I can’t survive it if anything bad happen to Him. I thought already crying.

Praying silently in my heart, I watch as the driver speed down to where am going.

“We are here ma’am.” He replied making me Clean off my tears before someone else sees it.

Not even the driver should because he might call the cop if I didn’t tell him what went wrong.

Digging my hand into the purse, I brought out the first money my hand met with then opened the door.

“Ma’am wait for your change!” He called out to me.

“You can keep that.” I said turning around then I walk down a little before calling the number again.

“Am already there.” I said then the person started directing me where I would go to which i followed.

Reaching there, I found myself infront of a big stunning boutique which made me speechless.

“Are you there?” The person asked on the phone bringing me back to reality.

“Yes, I am.” I replied looking around thinking I would see any uncompleted building.

“Enter that same boutique.” The person said and I entered only for the door to automatically lock itself.

Roaming around, I found no one in there not even a worker then I turned the last Conner only to meet the shock of my life.

“Congratulations on your new company!” People yelled then they pop the champagne just then the person who I thought he might have been beaten up that I wouldn’t be able to recognize him walks in majestically.

“DamonI….” I didn’t finish it when I realized that they played a prank on me just to bring me here.

Grabbing a champagne, I opened it then empty it on him before breaking down in tears.

“I thought you where f**king kidnap!” I yelled hitting him but he drag me into his chest making me cry into his chest till I have no tears anymore to cry out.

“Am sorry.” He said patting my head as I cursed him silently… TBC