The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 87



“Am sorry.” He said patting my head as I cursed him silently for making run down to this place.

“Do you like it?” He asked making me look up from hiding in his chest which I have been doing.

“Yes.” I said then retire back to his chest which calmed my nerves and stop me from breaking his head.

“No,you have to look around.” He said turning me around while I argued against it by not moving from a spot but he successfully carried me.

“ Damon Edward! put me down!” I yelled struggling to get off his hold while he lock our lips together in a passionate kiss.

I was about to make the kiss a deep one when he unlock his lips from mine making me whine and he laughed before placing me on my feet.

“You just bail yourself from being carried but if you follow me,I might give you something else.”he said making me curious about what he was going to give me.

“Fine.” I said deciding to follow him then he inserted our arm together.

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He started showing me everywhere but in my mind,I still think this is a dream because I never tell anyone what business I would like to do if I have the money to do so.

Had it been that I have called his sister and explain to her today,I would have concluded that she was the one who told him but I haven’t.

“This is truly a dream.” I said not realizing I said it out loud for him to hear.

“It’s not a dream babe, it’s a dream come true.” He said pecking my head while my eyes pock out.

Did I just said that loud? I thought looking at him, or he was reading my mind like he dose read me like an open book.

“You said it out loud for me to hear, not that I poke into your mind to get that.” He said making me laugh.

” I still can’t believe these, I was just thinking of how to get a building where there’s more people and a good place to for me to earn.

Then I want to start up these because I have ordered for some goods which would arrive this Friday. “I said and he paused then turn around to meet my eyes.

” You shouldn’t, am the one responsible for you been jobless so I should be the one to get you another one. “He said making me smile.

” Thank you,I love you so much Damon Edward. “I said with sincerity.

” I know.”he dryly said making me roll my eyes.

“You can’t even be more romantic.” I accuse slapping his arm.

” Tell me what you want to hear then rather than I know you love me. “He said making me eye him before walking away.

But instead, he carried me and started tickling me till I said I was sorry then he told me he loves me…