The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 85



It’s been four days now that I have been home without any place of work to go to. All I do is to wake up in the morning then eat and sleep.

Like in the morning when I wake up, I go for my morning run which would only last for an hour and thirty minutes sometimes, it’s always two hours.

Once I get back home, I take a cold shower then arrange my house after that, I will make my breakfast then eat.

Once am done eating, I would start with Netflix then sleep off while doing that. Sometimes it might be novel which I would later end up sleeping.

Once I wake up, it might be in the afternoon which means it’s time for lunch. Mostly, I hang around with the new puppy van gave me as a gift.

But others are spent with eating lunch with Him in his office.

I do make lunch for him and once I get to his office, he would make sure he tie me down till he closes for the day.

My other evening are spent with me cuddling up with my teddy and a romantic movie or me just watching the star as usual.

Sometimes, it’s always face time with Him till we both finally fall asleep for the day.

But today, am so tired, frustrated, bored and sick of been useless like I am.

I really need to do something else, I might end up doing something nasty like to suddenly go to his house unannounced because am horny.

So instead of me imagining nasty thing like that, it’s better I look for something to put in the money I have save up from being his P. A.

Just like today, I have list of different Jobs that I want to do but I don’t know which one to choose among them but once look through it, I might pick out the one I love.

I kept looking through the list of the business I picked out and my eyes ran into restaurant and guest house.

Looking into that, so many people eat and might need a place far away from home to stay, I thought imagining the way I want to make it look like.

Then maybe attaching a boutique with the hotel and restaurant would look nice.

I will go for that alone but the problem now is to see a place where I can buy then renovate to mine.

I didn’t want to tell Him about this plan but I think I have no choice but to tell him cause I don’t want to get dupe by those money pest who can go to any extents to dupe someone.

Still in my thoughts, I heard my phone vibrating which jot me back to reality.

Checking it, it’s Him calling.

“Hello.” I said into the phone but someone else replied it which send chills down my body… TBC

Who do you think is that?