The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 84



“So Elena, will you be mine?”

He asked and it was like a spotlight was on me.

“Yeah, sure ”

I tried to shrug but I was bubbling with joy.

“He’s mine.”

I breathed out and Damon whispered the words, I love you.

“I love you.”

I whispered back and he got off the stage while most of the audience clapped.

As we got off the stage, he wrapped his arm around my waist using that chance to tickle me but I couldn’t say anything or even react cause some of his business partners infront of us.

I didn’t even know he would go through that extent and invite some of the shares holder in his company just because he wants to ask me out.

People kept congratulating us while some also brought a gift along for us.

Even some of his employees kept throwing that deadly glares which you could only give those that either snatch what’s yours.

I didn’t remember snatching whatever it’s theirs from them, I only make sure I have a big hold on my man.

Your man, my inner mind pointed out making me blush really hard while I mental roll my eyes.

Weren’t you the one running away from him when he was chasing after you and now, you tagged him as your man? My inner mind said.

Can’t you just shut up and stop taunting me for a day, I said hissing while I cut her off.

Henever stop taunting me every day especially whenever we kissed or I just receive something from him.

“What are you thinking about?” I heard Damon asked near my neck making me feel that sensation between my legs.

And to help it, am wearing a really short gown with heels and air were thigh to my legs again making it hard for me to get my head straight.

“Aren’t you going to answer me?” He asked placing a kiss on my neck and I shamelessly let out a quiet moan tightening my legs together wishing to stop the sensation that kept making me wet.

“Nothing just how we met and what a jack ass you where then to me. Always pushing me to the extreme end just to make me bend to your Playboy act. “I said blushing while he bit my ear.

” But you are now in the jack ass arm always blushing whenever he dose something to you. “He said feeling himself.

” If not for your sister, I would have said no. “I said rolling my eyes as he chuckled.

” You couldn’t resist a cute boss like me.” He said turning me inorder to face him.

” You think so or you couldn’t resist having a sexy assistant like me. “I said and he laughed while he stole a kiss from my lips then I smack him.

We kept on joking around while talking about my first month in his company.

To me, I can’t believe I could change him to be a more better man that he is right now…