The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 83



I was a sucker for surprises but this was just… I didn’t even know the adjective to describe it with. He almost gave me a f****ng heart attack. My mind drifted fo those romance novels where the guy would say it was all a dare or a bet and he never really had feelings for the girl.

My heart was almost crushing thinking Damon was toying with my emotions all these times. I hadn’t noticed when tears pooled up in my eyes.

“sh*t! I didn’t mean it to have this effect on you! I’m so stupid. I’m sorry.”

He rushed to myself hugging me in a bit of comfort.

“No, it’s just I thought you were going to leave me. I thought this was all a joke to you. I thought you didn’t really love me. I just ….”

I trailed off choking on a tear.

“I would never do that. I just wanted to surprise you and I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking straight. How could I think this could possibly help. I’m so sorry.”

He apologized profusely.

“I love you Damon.”

I said without thinking twice. It dawned on me there and then. I love this man in front of me. The mere thought of him leaving me is like spears ripping my heart out.

“I’m sorry it took me a longer time to realise it but I love you so much. I love you.”

I repeated and he hugged me even tighter

“I love you more.”

We kissed deeply after those words.

“You haven’t really asked you know.”

“Trust me, I know. Come on, you’re late and I don’t want to see you here tomorrow you’re f****ng fired.”

He said trying to sound serious. I chuckled leaning into him inhaling his musky scent. That was overwhelming but I’m glad it made me certain of my feelings.

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The party was a blast aside from the death glares I received, I enjoyed every bit of it.

It was almost six pm and Damon just had to give the closing remark before everyone leaves. The MC handed him the microphone and he faced the crowd. I sipped the drink in my hand watching him give his closing remark.

“And I’m glad everyone could make it but before I call it a day I just have one last thing to do.”

He faced me with a devilishly smirk and I prayed he doesn’t do something crazy.

“You see that beautiful lady over there.”

Everyone turned to face me and I wish I was invisible.

“She’s no longer my personal assistant. I just fired her.”

A few of his employees snickered while others whispered amongst themselves.

“I did that because I was tired of the rumours and side talks so I want everyone to know here and now that Elena Salvatore is my girlfriend that is if she says yes because I actually haven’t asked her.”

A few of his friends chuckled and I sighed.

“So Elena, will you be mine?”

He asked and it was like a spotlight was on me.

“Yeah, sure ”

I tried to shrug but I was bubbling with joy.

“He’s mine.”

I breathed out and Damon whispered the words, I love you.

“I love you.”

I whispered back and he got off the stage while most of the audience clapped