The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 7



I weigh the pros and cons of my next action. I could beg her and make sure I didn’t loose my job or I could uphold my dignity and f**k every consequence that comes along with that decision. I decided to go with the latter option. My feisty side took control and before I realised what I was doing, I shoved her the finger and walked towards my desk.

I took a seat and started browsing new job offers knowing by the time the Billionaire bas***d gets back, I’m done for.

“Just watch you little b***h, you’ll be out of here before you can even breath”

She threatens mercilessly and stomps away. I shiver inside but on the outside, I roll my eyes and put on my best nonchalant look.

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I twitched my lips in disgust, I’m not cleaning anyone’s poop. I clicked ignore and moved on. So far I didn’t find any suitable job. It was f****ng annoying.

After one hour I hadn’t found anything that was of interest to me. I groaned deciding to focus on my resignation letter. I didn’t have an intent for leaving the organization on my first day. I couldn’t exactly say that I insulted my boss’s girlfriend and now she’s getting me fired can I?.

I heaved a large sigh trying hard to type something out.

After much brain racking, I finally came out with something suitable. I quickly emailed it to his computer and starter packing my things.

I manage to screw everything up with my clumsiness and now I managed to get myself fired from the perfect job. This morning was a narrow escape but I doubt anything would be able to save me now.

Just then, I noticed Mr O’Cornner, Mr Dax and his girlfriend walking towards me. She had a smirk plastered on her face.

“It’s time.”

I thought standing up.

“Damon hunnie, I get it that you must have a personal assistant, I know the meeting must’ve been stressful but I wanted to wait for you here and help cool you off instead this “thing” has the audacity to insult me!”

She raised her voice to add more dramatics and I gulped.

“Is that true Miss Salvatore.”

He asks calmly.

“She wanted to go into your office Sir, I told her to get an appointment. I wasn’t aware she was your girlfriend” I say defensively and he nods.

“It’s okay hon, I’ll take care of this. I’ll see you later.”

She pecks his cheeks before trailing her eyes over my body with a scoff and walking away.

“My office, now!”

His voice was a little elevated but Suprisingly still calm making me even more frightened.

I got inside and he closes the door behind us and leans on his desk.

“I know that am fired Sir. I emailed you my resignation letter already but I will not apologize to that woman, I did nothing wrong.”

My voice came out hard just like I had planned.

“Miss Salvatore…”

“Yes sir.” I responded.

“You’re the first assistant to ever stand up to Jenny. Go to your office, delete that email and get back to work.”

My eyes widened in shock.

“W-what sir.”

I stutter unable to believe what he said.

“I said, get back to work.”

“But your girlfriend….”

“Isn’t the boss of me…”

He completes cutting me short.

“Now get back to work…”

He points at the door, I slowly turn around once again careful not to hit my head against a wall or something…..