The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 6



I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man as angry as Stefan. He probably isn’t used to people saying “No” to him. I have my own personal reasons why I can’t go to Mikeslson industries.

“Hey, Stefan”

Mr Dax calls out literally saving me. His eyes rake my body in a mocking manner, I avert mine choosing to ignore him.

“We should get going or we’ll be late.”

“My P.A here is taking notes but….”

“I can take note. Have you lost it! You know how important this contract is and you’re taking a rookie.”

With the way they spoke to each other freely, I could tell that Mr O’Conner and Mr Dax are very good friends aside of the confines of the office.

“You’re probably right.”

He agrees after some seconds.

“Justin when you get back, teach her some things because she’s coming along the next time.”

“His first name is Justin?”

I ask myself zooming out of their conversations.

“You can go back to your office now, if anyone comes around looking for me, Set an appointment.”

He orders and left.

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After they were gone, I walk back to my office thanking the heavens for sending Mr Dax and saving me.

I only wished this month came to a quick end so I can run away for good. The Mikeslson industries is the last place I want to be found in.

I went back to playing games since the office was pretty much quiet today.

Just then, I notice a woman coming towards me. Her figure portrays that of a model or something. if she wasn’t, she would make a great model. Without warning, she got to Mr O’Conner’s office and was about to barge in.

“What are you doing!”

I exclaim rushing to stop her.

“Who the hell are you and why are you in my f****ng way.”

She flips her hair to complete her whole model-b***hy look.

“I am Mr O’Conner’s P.A. You can’t just go in there”

She scoffs and rolls her eyes at me.

“Actually, I can and I will. You have no idea who I am so get out of my way.”

“He isn’t in there, he has a meeting. Set an appointment”

“An appointment! I don’t need an appointment to see my boyfriend so move it you peasant!”

She yells, I freeze for a second as she insults me folding my fists, controlling my anger.

“Don’t answer back…”

I say to myself but it was too late.

“I don’t care who you are or what you mean to Mr O’Cornner, he isn’t in the office right now so suck it up and wait. You’re not getting through the door because I say so and you have no right to call me names because the next time you do, I won’t fold my hands and keep shut. Two options, f**k off or you wait. Either ways, I don’t care. But like I said, you’re not going in.”

Her eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. She regains her composure and smirks.

“You Assistants all think that you’re so funny, with a snap of my finger, watch how I get Damon to fire you.”

My heart pounds furiously against my chest at the thought of loosing my job for the second time in my first day.

“If I were you, I’ll go on my knees and start begging.”


I yell unable to believe my ears.