The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 65



The distance from the event to my place wasn’t that far so I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping for a long time.

I yawned tiredly as the car came to a halt. I knew Damon kept tapping me on my shoulders repeatedly telling me to wake up. I tried to force my eyes to open but I was just too tired. I chewed the inside of my lips and I swear Damon chuckled.

Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around my body and even in my sleep I shuddered. His driver fiddled with my purse to get my keys. We both stepped inside.

“Your bedroom. Where is it?”

I lazily raised my hand and pointed to my room. He followed my directions and stepped in. I really wish I could see his reaction. I’m glad I’m not that messy but still it’s weird, he’s my boss and all.

He placed me on my bed as gently as possible making sure I got cozy before standing up to leave.

“Goodnight Elena.”

I heard him say faintly before turning towards the other side. I’m pretty sure I responded to him in my mind. I was too tired to actually mouth any response. I heard his retreating footsteps as he walked out of my room.

“Today was amazing.”

With a smile on my face, I dozed off.

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*The Next Morning*

I carried out my usual activities for work whilst reassuring myself nothing will go wrong.

“So what if I kissed my boss?”

I asked my subconscious sarcastically while putting finishing touches on my makeup.

“If I pretend like it didn’t happen, eventually I’ll forget about it right?”

I shook my head to clear all memories of it.

For all I know, Damon might not even remember. He’s kissed a lot of women in his life to care about this one.

As for Van, the next time I see him I’ll be sure to flip him the finger just to show him he means absolutely nothing.

I stared at my reflection with a satisfied smile and walked out of my house. A note caught my eye at my door step. I picked it up examining it’s content.

*I won’t give up on us*

I didn’t read any further knowing who it was from. I ripped it into pieces and went about my day.

*At The Office*

I arrived ten minutes before the allotted time making sure to properly arrange my office.

I occupied myself with computer games forcing my mind not to drift off towards thoughts of Damon.

“Miss Salvatore.”

I heard the intercom ring. I flushed and began arranging my skirt for some reason.

“Be calm. He calls you all the time.”

I cautioned before walking into his office.

“Morning Sir.”

I greeted curtly but received no response.


“Cancel all my appointments for the day. I’ll be in my office.”

He demanded with a tone of finality. I stood there dumb struck.

“Right away Sir..”

I responded after taking a few seconds to recover.


I walked slowly out of his office. It was so weird. I didn’t remember most of the events from last night.

Did I do something to embarrass myself?

That was the singular question running through my head.

I got to work cancelling all his activities for the day.

“Hi. Is Damon in?”

A girly voice asked. I looked up and all the colour was drained from my face. The woman in front of me was beyond gorgeous. She could pass off for Miss world.

“Yes. He is.”

I responded with a gulp.

“I’ll inform him you’re in.”

She nodded.

“Your name…”


She responded with a small smile.

“Umm Sir. There’s a Stacy…”

“Great! Let her in.”

His eyes glistened. I turned and walked away.

“You can come in.”

She offered me a more welcoming smile before walking in.

“Now I know why he wanted a free day.”

I huffed in annoyance.