The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 64



I can feel Damon’s eyes on me with every move I make. His gaze is burning into my back. I can’t look at him or else I’ll melt or something. Van once again finds the perfect time to ruin such a sweet moment. I was having the best time here and now he thinks he can just waltz in here and ruin it.

To think he brought her along with him. I face palm myself after that thought. She’s his wife. I shouldn’t be so surprised.

“Is it a stalker bothering you?”

Damon asks tenderly. All through the evening he’s been nothing but sweet. He already has suspicions about us, plus I notice the tension between them. I do not want to tell him. I also don’t want to lie to him.

Thankfully, I hear the mic make a sound almost immediately. We all shift our gaze to the podium and the announcer was working on getting everyone’s attention. I mutter a quick “thank you” to my lucky stars and tuck the note in my clutch.

Damning all repercussions, I blankly ignore the note and focus on the charity instead. Van has to learn that he has zero control over me. I’m not his lap dog or something. I won’t come running to his side simply because he wants it.

After the announcement, Damon makes no comment about the note for which I’m thankful.

We’ve switched positions and Damon and I are sitting close to each other. A yawn escape my lips staring at the podium. I know this is important but it’s also really boring to be honest.


Damon musses beside me. I want to reply but it comes out more as a yawn.


He adds seconds later. I nod my head vigorously before it dawns on me that he’s my boss. My eyes widened and he chuckles at my reaction.

“It’s okay. I’m bored too.”

He responds and he’s so close that our fore heads are touching. I can’t figure out if I’m too tired to think properly or I’m just giving into what I wanted to do but I reach out and gently stroke his cheeks before resting on his shoulders.

I shut my eyes and mumble incoherent words before falling asleep.


I felt my whole body being lifted from the ground, I want to open my eyes but I’m too lazy so I try and use my hands to figure out who it is.

“Even in your sleep you’re still amusing.”

I hear him say. I shut my eyes tightly. Damon is carrying me. They flutter open on their own accord and I watch him slowly carry me back to his car. The driver is waiting but says nothing as Damon carefully places me in the passenger seat. I’m too embarrassed to even speak. This is just too overwhelming.

This night has gone for us accidentally kissing to me shoving an invisible middle finger in Van’s face and finally to my boss carrying me. Wow.

My face is flushed, I hear him get in and shut the door. I try my best to look away unsure of how to act or what to do next.

“Thank you. For today. You have no idea how much it meant to me.”

I lean back into the chair still unable to meet his gaze but his words are enough to soften my heart. All thoughts of Van suddenly evaporated and I’m left with my strikingly handsome boss who I didn’t seem to notice… Until now.