The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 66



Not to sound like a workaholic but I was bored all day long. There was practically nothing to do at the office all day. Mr O’Cornner and Stacy seem pretty busy though, I could hear that laughter from my office. Her angelic yet annoying voice. I had to stand up, go outside for a little air.

Now that Van knows of my whereabouts, I see no point in moving anymore. I have a good job here and I’m not going to keep running for the rest of my life. I don’t care anymore, I’ll just have to face him.


After lunch hour, I went back to my office surprised to see countless missed calls from Mr O’Cornner. He must’ve called when I stepped out. I hurridely rushed to his office knocking softly at the door.

“Come in.”

His stern voice responded.

“Where have you been?”

He fired making me flinch a little frightened.

“I stepped out for a while Sir. I didn’t think…”

“You didn’t think!”

He thundered making me shudder. I don’t know why he’s been so mean to me today.

“You seemed busy at that time Sir….”

“Do you want to loose your job Miss Salvatore?”

He asked cutting me short.

“Of course not Sir. I didn’t think…”

“Or course you didn’t think! If you did, you wouldn’t do something this dumb.”

He cut me short once again. I took a deep breath swallowing my rude remark. He has no right to talk to me this way, no after what happened between us.

“Apologies Sir.”

I said gritting my teeth.

“You may leave. The next time I send for you, I expect that you respond immediately.”

I nodded my head earning a glare from him.

“Yes Sir.”

I mouthed and turned around walking out of his office.

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I slammed my fists on the table raking three of my fingers in my hair. I got up pacing around my office at the same time groaning in frustration.

I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with me.

First, Van Mikeslson hints that he and Elena could’ve something going although he’s married. I’m not one to judge but what does that say about her. I shrugged it off and the next time we see, I ended up kissing her.

Now, he seems to be more specific about their relationship. He admitted to touching her and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Inviting Stacy over was a stupid move, I couldn’t get the image out of my head and now I’m taking my anger out on her. The worse part is that I have no frigging idea why I’m angry in the first place. It’s driving me f****ng nuts.

I couldn’t control myself. Next thing I know, I’m dialing the intercom.

“Miss Salvatore.”


“My office. Now.”

I commanded after sending her off seconds ago.

The door creaked open revealing her face. She stepped in gently closing the door behind her.

“Have a seat. I have some questions for you.”

“Ok Sir.”

She complied but I could see the reluctance in her eyes.

“What’s the problem Sir?”

“Are you having an affair with Van Mikeslson.”

I blurted out, her eyes widened and I gulped.

I’m going to loose my mind, drive myself f****ng crazy. I have to know.


“Just tell me. Please. For the sake of my sanity, just tell me.”

I cut her short for the upteeth time today.