The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 60



I stare at the strange man who’s making me furious. The same man who’s about to make me loose my job. He went on his knees begging me not to leave him. I’m left in a confused state doubting myself. Last I checked, I wasn’t dating anyone so who the f**k is this!

“Look mister, you need to leave now.”

I growled. Mr O’Cornner checked his watched before glancing at me. I moved towards the man glaring straight into his eyes.

“You have ten seconds to get up your ass and leave. I don’t give a f**k about who sent you or why. I swear to anything you serve, I’ll beat you up so badly if you don’t cut the act! f**k off!”

I spat out still glaring. His eyes twinkled. Slowly, he got up and ran away. I breathed in relief. Mr O’Cornner barely cared, he just walked away. I refused to believe this is the same man who comforted me yesterday. He’s either bipolar or has a clown. Either ways, something weird just happened. I need to get to the bottom of it. Someone just messed with the wrong girl.

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The driver pulled over at a boutique. I remembered Mr O’Cornner saying something about a function so why are we here?

“Umm Sir….”

“What did I say about when we’re not in the office?”

His demeanor had softened a bit. Like I said, absolutely bipolar.

“Umm Damon… Why are we here?”

“The function starts by seven pm. You need to get some new clothes. I know you ladies like to take your time when shopping so have at it.”

He says and I literally stop breathing.

“You mean I can go in there and get a dress of my choice.”

“Yes, you can. It’s for a function so…”

“I get it S- Damon…”

I correct myself quickly before stepping out.

“One last thing Elena.”

“Yes Damon?”

“Pick something that makes you look stunning.”

His words knock me off balance and I’m one hundred percent sure he’s bipolar. Someone can’t just be nice one minute and extremely annoying the next. If that were possible, that person would be Damon O’Cornner. I still had a lot to think about. But for now, my main focus is picking a dress. I want to blow his mind away. That’s the objective.