The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 61



I shopped for a long time searching for the perfect dress. Of course there’s no such thing but I have to try and find it. In the end I only got a bunch of dresses I didn’t like. Still, I kept looking for it.

After a couple of hours, one caught my eye.

A black dress with a slit at the side. A neck line that’ll have anyone tripping. In summary, the perfect dress for me.

I immediately reached for it to try it on. Deciding it was my perfect size, I got it and handed it over to the cashier. Damon handled all the expenses so I was good to go.

“Three hours for one dress.”

He stated. I chuckled lightly. I can’t believe Damon just made a successful attempt at making a joke. Bipolar much.

He ordered the driver to start the car so we could finally get a move on.

“Where are we going?”

I ask curiously.

“My house.”

He responds almost immediately. He makes it sound like it’s nothing. Going to my boss’s house is everything to me. It gives me a certain creep I don’t entertain.

After half an hour later, the car came to a halt so we could both get down. Damon led the way and I could only follow.

“A make up artist is in there waiting. It wouldn’t take long though.”

He adds. I didn’t respond but simply follow.

True to his words, a lady was waiting in there for me to get started on her work. I took a seat and it begun.

About an hour later or so, I wasn’t really keeping to time. She was done, gathered her things and took her leave. I got up to Check myself out.

I shrieked pointing at the mirror and touching my face. That was me alright with an enormous amount of make up on. It blended with my face perfectly giving me a whole new look I embraced with delight. I giggled to myself before stepping out of my old clothes and getting dressed. It was almost Seven pm so I needed to hurry.

Ten minutes later, I was ready. I placed my shoes on and the door opened revealing Damon in a tux. I froze shamelessly trailing my eyes on his body liking what I saw. I tore them away when he noticed I was staring.

“You look stunning.”

He breathed out. I blushed at his compliment putting on my earrings. He walked towards me taking them noticing I was having difficulties. I stared through the mirror as he placed them on for me.


I said in gratitude. Then, I turned around to face him at the same time he did. It was totally unexpected but before I could move away, our lips collided.