The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 48




He fell asleep immediately after giving me time to lay in bed and think.

Octavia was a terrible human being. That’s a fact. It still didn’t give me the right to do this to her. Why didn’t I stick with my original plan? Just pack up leave? Now this.

I washed my face with my palms trying to gain resilience but everything seemed f**ked up at this point.

My eyes darted to a sleep Van, I got up from the bed slowly and sighted my suitcase in the living room. I took a deep breath, went to the bathroom to wash up.

Afterwards, I spared one glance at Van before taking my suit case and finally leaving and this time, I didn’t look back.

I boarded a ticket online already. I just had to get to the airport. As I did, I sat in the waiting room waiting for my flight to start boarding, nervous as hell.

As it did, I quickly held my papers and rolled my suit case there. The line was a bit long but I’ve been patient so far, I can wait.

When it got to my turn, I handed them over to her. She scrummed her nose before glancing at me.

“We can’t let you leave ma’am. Step aside.”

She seized my papers leaving me perplexed. Did I do something wrong?

After the plane had boarded without me, they left me in a room still without a word until the creaked open. A figure lingered outside. When it finally made its appearance known, it turned out to be Van.

“You tried to run away?”

He asks breathlessly.

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The woman ran away from the restaurant leaving the man and the rest of us confused. I didn’t even want to begin to think what transpired between them.

For now, I’ll stick with having dinner with Justin trying to figure out why he’s having meetings with Mr O’Cornner ex girlfriend.

He pulled a chair for me to sit earning a smile at such a charming gesture. Could a man like this really have bad intentions towards me? It didn’t seem probable but then again, nothing is impossible so what the hell?

He ordered food for the both of us and we ate in silence up until his phone started ringing. He hung up immediately making me suspicious.

The phone rang at least twice, every time he didn’t answer. After that, he placed his phone on the table and gave a nervous chuckle. I frowned slightly wondering why he’s so nervous.

Then, his phone chimed as a message came through. I recognized the number to be Jenny’s

“Should I still get the guys to….”

It read but the phone was swiped by Justin before I could read till the end.

“Excuse me for a second, I’ll be right back.”

He chuckled nervously once more and disappeared.