The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 47



I cleared all records of searching through his apps and made a fake call to the first number I could think of.

“I’m done. Thanks alot.”

I grinned and he pulled over at the restaurant. Just aside, there seemed to be a commotion. We both stepped out to see what happened. A woman ran out in tears.

“Having sex with you was the biggest mistake of my life. We’re over!”

She screams before running. Having sex, mistake. Here we go again…


His lips were irresistible. He knew that, my body knows that. The moment that had contact with mine, I was gone.

He carefully made me drop my suit case, closed the door behind us and deepened the kiss. I was too engrossed in the taste of his lips to care about anything else. That’s just how good he was.

Buttons went flying in a matter of minutes, his and mine. We were both semi-unclad and moving towards my room. I had one split second to stop everything, push him away, tell him to leave and never return. Yet, the moment my back has contact with the sheets, I ripped his pants off him.

It was wrong, hell yeah. A frigging mistake yet I wanted it. My uncontrollable desire for him. Call me dirty, I didn’t care. I just wanted him.

I got rid off the rest of his clothing and he did mine. His fingers had contact with my v***na and it felt so good. I moaned slightly with ears threatening to fall out. The guilt began to come in but I couldn’t stop him.

He increased his pace driving me over the edge. Then, he carefully got rid of his boxers. His hard d**k sprang out.

“Just one word…”

My subconscious pleaded with me to make everything stop. It’s not like I didn’t want to, my heart was screaming stop but my mouth was moaning in sheer pleasure.

He pumped slowly raising me to meet his gaze and claiming my lips once more.

I screamed begging him to go faster, the intensity of the pleasure building up.

After I reach climax, all my senses would return and my body, soul and mind would know this was a mistake.

But for now, I just want to live in the moment, enjoy the feeling of being so carefree I didn’t care about anything else. Be f****ng selfish for once.

I arched my back and buckled my hips begging for sweet release. We both reached climax at the same time and fell on the bed.

Just like I predicted. laying beside him, guilt washed over me. I just had sex with a man who’s engaged to another.