The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 49



Justin was gone for at least ten minutes if not more. Ten whole minutes for me to think far and wide as my imagination could go.

Playing judge seemed ok at this point. All things point to the two of them being involved in something shady. I don’t just know what. Trying to find out is what got me into this mess.

“Sorry about that. Work and all.”

Justin reappeared and took his seat back.

“I totally understand. Let’s eat.”

I was almost done with mine so we just finished up and he requested for the cheque. After that was done, we got up ready to leave.


He breathed in relief. I giggled a little taking a walk with him.

“So… Justin…”

I trailed off forgetting how to start this conversation.

“Is there something you want to ask me?”

“Actually yes.”

“Ask away Elena. I’ll tell you anything.”

“Do you think Mr O’Cornner and Jenny have a chance together.”

“You mean do you think they might get back together?”


“Of course Elena. They’re always like this. Break up and weeks later, they’re back together.”


I asked feeling confused.


He pulled me closer making me shift a little uncomfortable.

Just then, I felt a sudden chill run down my spine but I wasn’t cold. A car pulled over near us and Van stepped out.

“Mr Mikeslson….”

Justin trailed off clearly and utterly surprised, shock but mostly confused. My gaze was locked on his having one or two ideas why he’s here. He’s playing the Possessive game again. I know how this ends and it isn’t good.

“Get in the car Elena.”

He beckoned to me making me stand still. If I don’t, it’ll just be like a repetition of what happened in the past. Van is ready to do it again and maybe even more.

Now, if I did get into the car, it would look really weird and crazy.

“We have some business deal that needs finishing. I’m really sorry Justin, I had a lovely evening.”

I force a smile reaching to land a small peck on his cheeks. At that simple gesture, Van nearly blew up.

Nevertheless, I walked into his car and he got in right after me. The driver started the car and we were off.

“I’ll take her home.”

He stated, I huffed and looked towards the other direction.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me Van? You’re the one who’s behaving psychotic. I had to get into a car with you so you don’t act out and ruin someone else’s life. You’ve lost it.”

I spat out in anguish.

“You know very well I hate seeing you with other men.”

“Oh please. That’s bullsh*t and you know it, you started this Van so please end it. Stop the darn car!”


“I said stop the damn car!”

I screamed and the driver obeyed. I opened the door, walked out and slammed it behind me.

“If you have any decency left, any at all Mr Mikeslson, go back to your wife and leave me the hell alone.”

I walked away after that.