The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 3



Seconds later, I was still staring at him. It’s not like I could take my eyes off him. Firstly, I don’t want the job of his P.A assistant. Wait a minute, that means he’s Damon O’Conner. I took a closer look at him, gulping. Being his P.A means I would have to go around with him.Going around with him means I get to see other people, which means I can’t stay undetected. I just need some money so I can finally get out of this place.

I got pulled out of my trance, he snapped his fingers at me repeatedly.

“Are you dumb?”

He asks, I bit the insides of my lips again not to utter a snarky response.

“Actually, I’m flattered that you want me to take the position. I really don’t want to be your assistant.”

I gulped, he chuckles deeply.

“I’ll give you half a million dollars every month ”

My eyes widened at his offer, that was alot of money for a personal assistant.

“Like I said, report to work tomorrow.”

He says in a final tone, walks away and slam the door. I turn back to look at Mr. Dax who looks furious.

” I don’t know what you did to my friend, you’re suspicious and I’ll make sure you won’t last long here. Get out!” He yells, I tried to keep it in but I just couldn’t anymore. If I tried to bit my lips to keep quiet, I might end up hurting myself

“Hey Mister, I get it that you’re all big and powerful but f**k that! I spilled coffee on you by mistake and the only reason I ran off was because I knew you were going to interview me. If you want to be nasty, be my guest but trust me, I don’t give a flying f**k.”

All that said, I spun around and walked out closing the door behind.

“Okay everyone, that’s it. We have someone.” I hear him announce, as I walk past the girls shoot daggers at me each and every one wishing they were in my spot.

“I really can’t wait to start tomorrow, I only need to work for him for one month. With that salary, I can go far away where “he” won’t ever be able to find me.” I smiled and walked out of the building.

I boarded a taxi and I was on my way home.

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I knew my alarm clock was ringing but Everytime I hit snooze needing to sleep, I mean can you blame me, it’s like the biggest button. My eyes snapped open when I realised I had to be at work.

I shot my eyes towards the click.

“f**k! I was already one hour late and on my freaking first day. I’m dead! I’m dead!” I mumbled under my breathe, I turned off my alarm and jump out of bed. My bed sheets catch my leg in the process making me fall to the ground.

“No! Not today….” I mutter trying to untangle myself, I only made it worse

“No! No! No!” I yell frantically. After several attempt, I manage to get out. Rushing towards the bathroom, again I bumped my head at the door, the impact moving me backwards.

“I have to stop doing that!” I shriek in anger.



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