The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 2



I stood transfigured not knowing what to do next. For one, he looked cuter In person, Mr Dax. That’s what it says here at least. I most definately can’t show my face at the interview again, I’ll be done for.

My chances of getting this job just reduced by half. Knowing I couldn’t make this any more worse than it already is, I ran past him without another word. The strangest thing was that I covered my face hoping he would be too angry to recognize me. I needed this job. Even if I might not get it, I still had to attend the interview. I must.

I boarded the taxi and it pulled over at Damon Enterprise. Just like I suspected, the crowd applying for the job was massive. Most of them were here for the cleaning job, secretary and assistant. You name it, I just wanted the lowest job, the one I knew I had a chance with.

I cluctched my things tightly and walked inside. The secretary scanned me silently trying to deduce whether I was good enough to work in a place as good as this.

I hissed before walking away, she probably thinks because she got the chance to work here, I’m going to feel inferior. I don’t care what her position is, in my eyes we are both equal. The directions she gave led me to an elevator, I opened it and got in.

Suddenly, someone placed a manly hand in halting it and getting in with me. My eyes popped out when I noticed it was Mr. Dax. I hide my face again praying silently he didn’t see me. The stain was gone, in fact he had changed into a different outfit.

The elevator dinged and I rushed out immediately. I was number 34 so I took a seat bowing my head and the interview begun.

“Number 34…” A stern voice announced.

“Moment of truth.” I thought silently, I straightened my skirt and walked gracefully to the door, clicked it open and walked in. I avoided eye contact as I took a seat opposite him.

“Gosh I’m stupid, when he recognizes me am so dead…” I whispered to myself.

“Miss Elena Salvatore right?” He starts, I nod my head slowly.

“Miss Salvatore, I would appreciate it if you kept your gaze on me.” He requests, I took a deep breathe and raised my head up slowly.

“You!” He exclaims in realisation, I bit the inside of my lips.

“Busted!” I rake my hands through my hair, moving back slowly.

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“Ouch.” I moan hitting a chair by mistake, holding my foot in pain.

“You’re the same person, spilled coffee on me and ran off like some crazy person.”

“Crazy!” I yelled in anger.

“Yeah, crazy and maybe a girl who clearly lacks some manners.” He adds. I felt so insulted, I bit hard on my lips so I wouldn’t insult him back or something.

“I’ll take my leave now Mr Dax.” I say dejected.

“Yeah, you do that.” He adds. The door knob twist and another manly figure walks in. If I thought Dax was hot, this guy would be like a Greek god or something. My eyes were stuck to his face, his eyes left mine and darted to Mr Dax.

“Found anyone yet.” He says nonchalantly.

“Nope, still searching.” He adds quickly, I decided to sneak out from under their noses.

“f**k!” I scream out in pain hitting my head on the door.

“You’re still here!” Mr Dax thunders.

“I’m leaving now.” I moan slightly in pain holding my fore head.

“Wait…Who are you?”

“I’m no one, I’m leaving now.” He reaches for my resume, takes it and glances through it.

“You didn’t apply to be my P.A?” He asks and I nod.

“Good, then you’re hired. Report to work tomorrow, you’re my new Personal Assistant.” He says making my eyes fall out……