The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 1



I curled my fists, smashing it on my alarm clock. It’s ringing causing a thorn in my flesh and causing a blaring sound in my ear. I dived into the bathroom, taking my bath and getting clad in a blank printed skirt, white blouse and black heels.

I grabbed my portfolio clinging to it tightly as I went job hunting. I was pretty low on cash and in a few months, I would need to move so it’s imperative I find a new job and fast.

I boarded a taxi to a restaurant, I can’t go to the interview with an empty stomach. I opened the details of the interview, I was applying for the job of a “Document Filer” A very uncommon job but with an Enterprise as huge as Damon’s, they had so many files they had to hire someone to do the work for them.

Crazy I know, at least the pay was good and I could go unnoticed. I checked my “interviewer” taking in his looks. He was a tall man from the picture, a few years older than me definately, still young with his hands tucked away inside his pockets. He looked kinda cute and this was just the guy doing the interviews. I shrugged it off focusing on what I was going to do at the interview.

The goal was to stylishly avoid any personal question. I had a personal cell phone line, good accomodations and my experience comes from three different states, I should be more than qualified for the job and hopefully I’ll get hired.

I stepped inside and placed my order. Loosing my appetite for breakfast, I decided to get a cup of coffee to drink on the way and enjoy while waiting.

An enterprise as big as Damon industries must have alot of people aiming at this job, it might take a while before it gets to my turn so I needed something to keep me busy.

The waiter was done with my order and placing it in a go-bag. He dropped it on the counter, I reached into my purse and handed him some dollar notes, requesting he kept the change. I spun around and checked my watch.

“sh*t! I’m going to be late.” I cursed internally, I quickened my pace to board another taxi and get to the company as quickly as I could.

Just then, I skipped on the last tile throwing my coffee in the air. I managed to balance myself cursing my clumsy habit. I straightened my almost wrinkled skirt raising my head high, I gulped seeing what was in front of me.

“I did not…” I mutter under my breathe, i looked down and up to see the same face. The face of my interviewer, the guy who determines whether I get this job or not, the one I badly need and the same guy who I had just drenched in coffee. I gulped again.

“You’re so screwed…” My subconscious mocks and I couldn’t help but agree more…….