The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 4



I hated rushing, I was naturally clumsy so imagine me rushing to do something. After tripping over on my tiles twice, spilling my coffee on my clothes and having to go back and change into a different one, nearly forgetting my bag and boarding a taxi, going back inside to get it, I was finally ready for work.

By this time, I was nearly two hours late for work. How much does a coffin cost again?

I read most of the articles done on Damon. He’s strict, arrogant and doesn’t encourage tardiness, I might as well submit my resignation later. I just have to screw things up.

This job was as perfect as any, I didn’t have to work for more than a month. Simply keep my head down and I’ll be out of here. I only had to wake up early, instead I’m going to work on my first day two freaking hours late.

I didn’t wait for the driver to pull over before opening the door and jumping out.

“Hey lady! My money.” He yelled after me, I sighed. Turned back and handing him his money glaring, he made it seem like I was some theif or something. I hissed a little too loud and walked in.

The receptionist of yesterday checked her watch, chucking knowing how late I must be. I ignored her and rushed to the elevator. I heaved a large sigh trying to think of a suitable lie to tell.

“A family member died….”

“Am on my period…”

“I’m sick…” I faked a cough but It couldn’t even convince me.

If I tell the truth, I’m dead. I have to lie. I snapped my fingers thinking of the perfect lie.

“I’ll tell him I came earlier, took a tour of the building so I wouldn’t get lost. He’ll have to believe me because this building is huge.” I smirked happy with my idea.

Just then, I heard someone clear his throat.

“Miss Salvatore.” Damon mumbled beside me.

I turned slowly to his side forcing a smile, he stared at his watch and looked at me

“You’re just coming into work… Two hours late!” I jumped slightly at his tone.

“Umm… Yeah, well it’s not…I…” I mumbled face palming myself.

“My office now!” He thundered, the elevator opened up and I trailed behind him. I hated being yelled at, if he wasn’t my boss I would’ve given him a reply but for the sake of the money he’s offering. I just have to keep my mouth shut.

I stepped into his office, he closed the door behind us and took his seat

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“Miss Salvatore…” He started and I nodded my head.

“Do you know why I hired you.”

“No.” I said simply.

“I mean no Sir.” I quickly corrected.

“I hired you because you didn’t want this job.” I furrowed my brows in confusion.

“You weren’t prepared which means you didn’t have time to fake anything to try and impress me.” He elaborates.

“But what I will not have is tardiness, I expect you to report in at exactly 8am every morning.”

“But what if I come earlier?” I ask, he glares at me and I know to keep my mouth shut.

“The next time you come late, you turn in your resignation later. Is that understood!” He fired, I nodded quickly and turned around.

“Did I say you could leave?” I turned back and bit my lips harshly.

“You may leave.”

I rolled my eyes and turned again , walking out of his office and slamming the door shut.