The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 29



I dozed off into dream land. Memories began to flood in the form of a dream.

“Come on dance with me…”

He says reaching for my hand. I blush and look away unable to meet his eyes. So beautiful in the night.

“Come on, dance with me.”

“Mr Mikeslson…”

“I told you, call me Van.”

“Van, your fiance is waiting for you. How will she feel when she sees us dancing.”

“You know I don’t care about what she think. Dance with me please.”

He literally begs, I unconsciously lace our fingers together moving towards the dance floor.

Our bodies move to the rhythm of the song and the feeling of his hands of my waist is so f****ng good.

This is my boss, he’s engaged. I shouldn’t be feeling this way so why can’t I stop.

The music stops us from going too far and I quickly move away scared of my very own desires.

I dart towards the open bar and his fiance shots daggers at me. I cringe running away. I shouldn’t have done that, what’s wrong with me!


He calls out behind me.

“Go away Van. I don’t want any trouble. I beg of you please leave me alone.”

I plead caressing my skin.

“But I can’t Elena. I can’t and I don’t want to.”

He latches his lips onto mine kissing me hard and fast.

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I jump up from the bed panting. I was sweating profusely.

I hadn’t thought of Van for a few years now.

Maybe it’s because I had a close contact with him a few days ago.

I shouldn’t have started working for Damon. I’m back to being drawn into his web.

I raked my hands through my hair and breathed a sigh of relief.


Damon walks in trailing off.

“Are you okay?”He asks because of me demeanor.

“Yes, I’m fine. I was just having a bad dream.”

“Ohh alright. I guess hospitals do make you sick. I’ve signed the papers already. Let me take you home.”

He offered and I nodded.

“I’ll go get changed.”

“Yeah. That reminds me. Your clothes got stained so I got you new ones.”

He stretched forth a bag which I took and moved towards the restroom to change as fast as I could.

I was about to walk out when I heard voices from the outside. It seemed Damon was on the phone with someone else.

“I know Mr Mikeslson. I’ll tell you what, I went to the hospital to get someone. I’ll pass by your office, drop the papers and leave. How does that sound?”

“Great, I’ll see you soon.”

He says and I think he hung up.

“Oh no!”

I grimaced not knowing what to do next.

“Are you done Miss Salvatore. I have something to do quickly and then I’ll drop you home. It’s on the way.”

“Oh no!”

I mumbled shaking my hands nervously.

I looked around thinking of what next to do.

“That’s it!”

I yelled and quickly took off the clothes.

I placed them inside the toilet and flushed it before grinning.


I screamed out loud.

“What’s wrong!”

“I flushed the gown by Mistake!”

I yelled from the inside.

“Wait what! How’s that even possible?”

He asks and I grinned happily.

“Now he won’t be able to take me with him.”

I thought victoriously.