The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 30



In all my years of being a business man I’ve met alot of weird,strange, crazy and stupid people. I’ve even met a bunch of clumsy folk but miss Salvatore takes the crown.

Who flushes their clothes, okay let’s say she kept it on top and it mistakenly fell in. She could’ve brought it out so how did she end up flushing it.

I ran my palm over my face not knowing what to do next.

“Miss Salvatore. I need to do something important, I’ll order someone to get you new clothes.”

“NO! You should go do what you want…”

She says.

“And what about you? It’s getting late. You can’t stay here.”

“Umm, you can call Justin to take me.”

I cringe as she refers him by his first name. I didn’t know they had reached that stage already.

“Oh right. That’s a good idea but we still haven’t fixed your clothes issue.”

“You can still call someone to get me the clothes but go sign your deal.”

“How did you know it was a deal?”

There was silence after.

“Umm, lucky guess.”

She finally says after a few seconds.

“Ohhh, alright. I’ll give Justin a call and get you some clothes. I guess I’ll see you at work tomorrow.”

“Thank You Sir.”

She says and I nod even if she can’t see me. I take one last look at the room before walking away.


The moment the door closes, I breathe in relief.

I put on my hospital clothes and walk out getting back into bed.

Once again, I’ve averted another crisis. A narrow escape from seeing him.

It’s becoming even clearer why I have to leave the country soon. Fate hates me, it never works in my favor so soon enough, I will screw up and our paths will cross.

When that day comes, I just hope I have enough money to run as far away from him as humanly possible.

Moments later, a kind lady drops a bag on my bed saying it was from Mr O’Cornner.

I quickly take them and get dressed waiting for Justin to show up


I cursed remembering he shouldn’t know where I lived. Too tired to walk home, I knew it’ll be dangerous and if Justin takes me home there’ll be a problem

I contemplated on my next course of action. It seems like a tough choice.

My belongings were returned to me so I grabbed my phone dialing Damon’s number.

“Miss Salvatore….”

He answers.

“Umm by any chance, are you done with whatever you needed to do.”

“Yeah, I am. I’m heading home now.”

“Umm, can you come pick me up.”

“Justin hasn’t showed up yet?”

“No, he hasn’t. I’m really tired, I want to go home. Can you please come?”

I smack my lips and waited for his response.

“I’ll be right there.”

His responds came through the receiver. I exhale satisfied and hang up waiting for him.

I stayed under the duvet counting the stars under waiting for Damon to show up. The door creaks open and I assume Damon walks in.

I quickly remove my head from under the covers and imagine my shock when I come face to face with the one and only Van Mikeslson.

Please tell me I’m dreaming.