The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 28



After a while, it’s subsides. I wore a straight look to show him I was not kidding.

I couldn’t let anything be deducted. The plan was straightforward, work for a month and then leave. I needed every dime so getting a little cut off was not an option.

“I mean every word Sir. Just call the doctor.”

“I’m joking. You can leave later today if you’re well rested but I don’t think you should resume work tomorrow. It might be strenuous.”

“I can manage Sir.”

“Sir? It’s way past working hours.”

“I can manage… Damon.”

I finish and he smiles.

“Don’t worry about your salary, I won’t deduct a dime. Just rest for one day, you can continue working on Friday.”

He reassures and I feel relief.

“Alright but it’s weird. I just started and I already have two days off, a P.A shouldn’t be doing that.”

“Well, you’re not like most personal assistants I’ve had so I’ll say it’s okay.”

I have no idea but a warm feeling erupts in my tummy at his words.

“I’ll come by later to sign the discharge papers and take you home. In the meantime, get some rest.”

“Justin had to rush home. He’ll see you when you resume I guess, I’m sorry your date was ruined.”

“It’s okay.”

I half smile. Then, he nods before walking out.

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To be frank and honest, my heart jumped when you got shot. I felt it was my fault. I did make the deal after all. I shouldn’t have put us both in danger.

If anything had happened to Miss Salvatore I don’t know what I would’ve done to myself.

My phone started ringing and the investigator I hired called. I got one when I couldn’t shake off the feeling of knowing Elena. He hasn’t gotten back to me so I let it go as a dead end.

“Hello Mr O’Cornner.” He greeted.

“Hello”. I responded hoping he had something else to tell me other than charity greeting.

“You asked me to look into a “Elena Salvatore.” Cross reference it with you and anything you two might have in common”

“Yes, but I want you to forget about it. I’m sure it’s just dejavu”

“If you want to let it go sir, that’s okay but I recently discovered new information”

My interest was peaked. I wasn’t over thinking after all.

“What did you find”

“A couple of years ago, Miss Salvatore and you might have had a run in”


“She worked for the Mikeslson and they held a party for their anniversary. Miss Salvatore attended that Party as Mr Mikeslson’s escort. Van Mikeslson to be specific. I suspect that’s where you two met, Other than that Sir, there’s nothing else” He added and I became even more curious.

“Thank you. I have a new job for you. Forget about me,look into Van Mikeslson and Elena Salvatore”

“Okay sir”. He says and I hung up.