The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 27



She cocked the gun clearly showing us how serious she actually is.

“You there, move it. Come here.”

She nudged her head towards me. I raised my hands and moved towards her.

“Who else is here!”

“No one…”

Damon answers quickly.

“Very good. You two arrived in a car. I want keys and any thing you have on you. Cash and phones I could sell for money.”

Damon obeyed her demands and got out his car keys alongside a few notes. He quickly used that opportunity to press the panic button.

She caught us by surprise or he would have done that long ago.

“Very good.”

With the gun still pointed at us, she carefully collected everything. I handed my phone over and the little money I had on me.

“Good luck. You’ve been really helpful. With this, I’ll be able to go far away. Once again, thank you…”

She trailed off smirking.


She stated and my heart skipped a beat.

“I have a reputation to keep up so I can’t leave you two like this. It’s nothing personal at all.”

She says pointing the gun at me.

“You’re too smart, you’ll figured me out. You’re “it.” ”

She stated and fired.

The bullet pierces my skin and I Yelp in pain hitting the floor. She turns away trying to run and the cops surrounds us.


After hearing that, I fluttered my eyes shut with Damon hovering over me

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The monitor beeped softly and I regained consciousness.

In front of me was Damon resting on an arm chair. I looked around. I was in a private room, a drip connected to me and my arm hurt like hell.


I moaned in pain the second I tried to move.

Mr O’Conner stirred in his sleep and finally woke up.

“You’re awake….”

He still has his sleepy voice and I know he’s my boss but damn its hot.

“What happened?”

I feel a little tired so my voice comes out weak.

“Good news, the cops got her.”

“That’s amazing.” I say truthfully.

“Bad news, she shot you. You’re going to get a full compensation although.”

He says making me feel a little better.

“In that case I want to get shot all the time in stake outs.”

He chuckled at my joke.

“The doctor said nothing important was hit. It was a clean shot. In and out. You only need lots of rest, you should be fine.”


“But there is a catch and a problem.”

He twitches his lips slightly.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re going to be in the hospital for at least two days. That only means you won’t come to work.”

He frowns but I’m still confused.

“I’ll have no other choice than to deduct the payment from your salary.”


I screamed suddenly getting my voice back.

“Actually, I feel perfect. Just peachy.”

He chuckled lightly but I wasn’t done, not even close.

“I feel great. In fact call the doctor, he’ll run as much tests as he wants. Discharge me today. I hate hospital, it’s what making me sick. I can come back to work tomorrow just don’t deduct anything…..”

I trail off sobbing and he started laughing.