The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 25



My fright level was off the charts. I controlled myself so I wouldn’t piss my pants but I wanted to do so badly.

Damon began talking to them and they would yell at him after each sentence. I stayed in the car with locked doors and even at that I could tell they were screaming. We’re dead, I’m dead. I never once thought I would end up in jail, I thought so but not like this!

After a while, they dropped their guns, from the corner of my eyes one of the cops gives him something and Mr O’Cornner walked in. My lips twitched in confusion and parted in shock. He didn’t look phased. Hell he didn’t even look scared, he just started the car and drove off.

“Are we getting arrested.”

I managed to blurt out seconds later.

“No, we’re not getting arrested Miss Salvatore. I fixed it.”

“With money?” I asked but it didn’t seem possible. The cops usually didn’t take bribes but then again with Damon O’Conner..

He turned and looked at me.

“No, not with money but I fixed it and that’s all you need to know.”

With that, he didn’t talk to me anymore and concentrated on driving back to the office.

“Fixed it? How?” I thought but couldn’t ask anything. I’m just his personal assistant, nothing more.

I stayed quiet keeping my thoughts and questions to myself.

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Miss Salvatore is a scared cat. One could tell.

I wouldn’t reveal to her how I got rid of them. She wouldn’t approve in fact I’m sure she’ll freak out.

The penalty for what we did would be at least four months in prison or more. I made it all go away with just one thing. A stake out. With us as bait.

If their information was true, the criminal would be lurking in the shadows finding a means to escape and once we’re sighted, he might follow us.

If my plan goes well, he should follow me to the company where the officers are patiently waiting but that means Elena and I are bait.

She’s already terrified that the cops stopped us. She would possibly faint if I let her know a hardened criminal might soon arrive.

But then again, I might be wrong and we weren’t sighted. In that case, I got away and I won’t be in danger. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and see what happens next.


About twenty minutes later, we arrived back at the office. Most of the people had already left so I just led the way back into the elevator and to my office. I figured he would be waiting here.

“Mr Dax….” I called out as the room wasn’t well illuminated.

“Mr Dax….” I called but received no response.


He screams behind me. I jump startle and he takes that opportunity to sneak his hands on my waist.


Damon calls walking in meeting us in that position.