The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 26



He quickly removes his hand and I readjust my position.

“I seem to be interrupting something. You two stay close.”


I asked perplexed.

“Oh nothing. Just stay close.”

He fiddled slightly.

“What’s wrong Mr O’Cornner. You seem agitated.”

“Nothing’s wrong Elena. The lockdown would be lifted soon but until then it’s best everyone stick together.”

He gave us a small nod and walked out of my office.

Something was wrong, I could feel it. Mr O’Cornner is hiding something. Ever since the cops pulled us over, he’s been acting weird.

It might have something to do with why they let us go.

“So we can’t have dinner, I was thinking we could spend some time together. Get to know each other and reschedule dinner for another time.”

He grinned and I nodded absentmindedly.


So far, I had counted about two officers in the building. My P.A and my best friend were too engrossed in whatever they’re doing to notice.

Being a civilian, they’re extra cautious to avoid anything.

I looked around for any signs but there were none.

Did my plan fail?


I listened with keen attention as he explained the joys of his childhood. My mind would occasionally wander off to Mr O’Cornner.

Did he leave us here?

His office is close to mine so if he tried to be a workaholic and get things done,I would know.

Where did he go and why?

The secrets he’s keeping are going to affect me that’s obvious.

“Are you listening Elena?”

He taps my shoulder softly making me blink my eyes.

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“Umm yeah. I’m a little pressed actually, could I use the restroom. I’ll only be a minute.”

“Of course, I’ll be right here waiting.”

I got up and walked out.

Getting into the elevator, I embarked on the search for Mr O’Cornner.

From afar, I could see him tapping his feet uneasy.

“What’s wrong Sir. It’s not working hours anymore so I shouldn’t be so formal. You look very unstable. Tell me what’s wrong.”

He sighed.

“I made a deal with the cops. We wouldn’t go to jail but we would have to be used as bait.”


I shrieked and he quickly clamped his hands over my lips.

“Don’t scream. There’re cops around so we would be fine. The criminal should arrive any moment from now, it’ll be a done deal. I press a button alert then and that’s it.”

“And you didn’t think of informing me. I’m just your assistant I know but this involves me too. You should’ve told me something.”

“I know, I should’ve but you would blow our cover.”


I exclaimed in annoyance.


A frail voice called out walking into the building.

“Are you lost?”

Damon asks the woman and she shakes her head in affirmation.

“Someone stole my car to get home quickly.”

She stated with a sob.

Damon moved towards her. My instincts kicked in and I felt something was wrong.

“Damon no….”

I called but it was too late. She pulled a gun on him.

“You’re the criminal.”

“Yup. They never suspect the female gender do they? Tch…”

She sucked in a breath and I didn’t move. We’re dead. This plan was a bust.