The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 21



Engaging in hand to hand combat or girly pulling of hair wasn’t what I had in mind.

I had something special planned for her. Something much more different.

“You know Jenny sending goons over to my place is a little extreme, even for you. You fight like a coward, getting others to do your dirty job.” I spat out and she bit down on her lips in anger.

“You started working here four days ago and you’re already causing trouble. Could you be less obvious on the fact that you’re throwing yourself on your bosses. First Damon and now Justin.”

I clenched my teeth as she spoke every word.

“Jenny I’m going to have to ask you to leave. If you and Damon are having problems, take it up with him and not his personal assistant.”

“She’s the cause of everything. Slut!” She spat out.

“Jenny! I will not stand by and watch you insult her. Leave now!” He shot at her and she turned to walk away.

“This isn’t over.” She says before storming out.

“I’m sorry about that. I’ll talk to Damon so he controls his girlfriend.”

I nod my head in affirmation and offer a small smile as a form of “thank you”

“I’ll leave you to your work now. Dinner later…..” He trailed off waiting for my confirmation and I gave him yet another nod.


After he left, I sighed in relief and tried to catch up with some work before lunch break.

I finished up about an hour later so I started playing games as usual. The landline started ringing which could only mean Damon needs me.

“Yes Mr O’Cornner….” I answered gritting my teeth.

“My office, now.” He stated and hung up.

It’s hard to believe this same man came to my apartment and fought for me. I dragged my body up and found my way to his office.

“Are you all caught up with the events of yesterday?” He asks and I nod my head making him glare.

“Yes Sir.” I quickly respond.

“Good, get ready. We’re going to check on a construction site in five minutes. You’re taking point.”

“Alright Sir.”

I replied formally.

“Miss Salvatore… How’s your health?” His tone was a little more tender.

“I feel better Sir.” I said and walked out on him.

I left most of my things at the office and took just my phone, a note pad and a biro.

Damon got out of the office before me and I trailed behind him until we reached the elevator and got to the ground floor.

The drive to the site was really weird and boring. Damon focused on his phone all through and I did same until we reached our destination and stepped out.

“This is the place, I’ll ask some questions and you take notes based on the answers.” I nod my head again and face palm myself.

“Yes Sir.” I said verbally.

“Good, let’s go.” He led the way and once again I followed subtly behind him.

“And how long until the construction phase is complete.”

“About seven months Sir.” The worker responded and I followed Mr Dax guideline to take notes.

“Good. I think that would be all, I’ll inform you if I have any more questions.” He says in a concluding manner.

I turned around to leave but foolishly slipped on some materials. My note pad went flying in the air and so did I about to hit the ground full of nails, wood and other dangerous construction stuffs.

I pressed my eye lids tightly, waiting for the pain to come. When nothing did, they fluttered open on their own and Damon was holding and preventing me from falling.

“Your clumsiness seriously amuses me.” He says and I could feel his breath fan my face.